Augustine’s 4 Month Update

January 9, 2017


Augustine's 4 Month Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper Augustine update. We’re a little over the 4 month mark now which is so hard to believe. My goodness time goes by quickly. Or the days do at least… nights are a whole other story! Here is what’s going on in Augustine’s world these days:

Augustine’s 4 Month Update

Mara and Augustine


15 pounds – 26 inches


For the most part, Augustine is such a sweet and lovable little baby. We love making him smile and laugh. One of the first times he laughed was when we were singing that “I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas” song. Matthew and I were dancing around the Christmas tree and Augustine was incredibly amused and let out the cutest string of chuckles. Heart melted! Augustine does have a little bit of colic though which is so so sad! It’s just as hard for us as it is for him since there’s not much we can do. It’s normally evident in the evenings and during the night, when he’ll cry for hours at a time. We heard about the witching hour, but this is a little different and has lasted for months. Augustine will frequently cry when we’re  trying to put him down and often is inconsolable even when we’re holding him. I’ve been trying to pay better attention to what I eat, just in case there’s something that’s upsetting him. I don’t have much dairy but I do eat a lot of chickpeas and beans for extra protein. Augustine is also an opinionated baby, so he’ll let us know when he likes or dislikes something. His strong-willed nature will definitely be an asset one day, but boy is he going to keep us busy!


Augustine is pretty good about tummy time and, with a little help, he’ll roll over. We’re waiting for him to do it on his own, which should be any day now! He grabs for items, and can even put his pacifier in and out of his mouth. He loves to “talk” and “sing” and have conversations with us. Augustine has a ton of strength in his neck and legs so sometimes I feel like he’ll be walking before he’s crawling. My thought is that he’ll be early on both of those milestones. Augustine has been teething since 2 months which is also really early for his age. Maybe that’s also to blame for some of his fussiness. We were thinking he might have a tooth break free by Christmas, but not yet!


He’s a big fan of Mama and Dada. I love how he lights up when he sees us walk into his nursery in the mornings. He’s starting to recognize Ginger more and the other day he laughed when Ginger gave him a kiss on this foot. He loves looking at trees, lights, and candles. It’s so funny watching him just stare at our dining room chandelier. He’s so fascinated by it. I’ll give him kisses on his neck and he’ll open his mouth wide and giggle. It’s the cutest thing! And he loves when I play peek-a-boo with him.

Augustine in a cute red hat


I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and he’s a good little eater. We’re going to be introducing solids around 6 months. If any of you have tips on how you did that let me know! Matthew and I both eat lots of different foods and flavors and we want him to experience as much of that as possible.


Sleep is our biggest challenge. I haven’t had more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep in months. You hear these stories about babies that sleep through the night at 10 or 12 weeks, but that has not been our situation. We try to put Augustine down between 6:30-7:30 when he’s showing his tired cues but it’s a challenge every night. I’ve been trying to do a routine with changing him into his pjs, feeding him, and reading a book, but he’ll start to get so fussy and start to cry halfway through the book or as soon as he realizes we’re trying to put him down. There are frequently nights where it takes 2-3 hours to put him to sleep. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep for 30 minutes and then he’ll wake up crying. I try to not rock him to sleep but when I put him down he’ll start to scream so I have to pick him up. Since my back is still not 100% better, I want to limit the times I’m picking him up and putting him down into the crib. Unfortunately that means I end up rocking him to sleep, which I know isn’t recommended. And then there are those nights where I’m convinced he’s finally fallen asleep, I put him down, and he’ll start to cry.

Augustine wakes up about 2-3 times in the middle of the night, and will be up anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each time. So if you think about it, some nights I’ll put him down at 7:30pm, he might sleep for 30 and then cry until 10:30. Then he’ll wake up at 12:30 and I’ll be up with him for an hour, and then he’ll be up again between 3:30 and 4 and then again 2 hours later. It’s rough you guys. Sometimes I don’t even know how I function. We were hit hard with the 4 month sleep regression too because it went from bad to worse. He was up crying for 2 hours in the middle of the night, and then would be back up 30-45 minutes later. And to top it all off, he’s the worst napper. It’s so much work actually putting him down during the day, and then he’ll maybe sleep for 25-30 minutes. Just enough time for me to wash my face and get a bite of food. I’m starting to look into sleep training because I know we can’t continue on this way. It’s not good for him or for me. I’m just worried that a lot of these sleep training methods aren’t geared for a baby with his temperament. Some babies you can put down drowsy but not this guy. Once his sleep situation is under control I think we’ll be a lot happier over here. If any of you have tips or advice for me, I’m all ears!!


When Augustine got sick the other week we really relied on the NoseFrida. It sounds so weird but it works really well. Another favorite is the BabyBjorn Bouncer. We also had the Mamaroo but he likes the BabyBjorn one so much better. We got the toy bar to go with it which he has a lot of fun with. My favorite thing about this bouncer is how you can fold it up completely flat and stow it under the couch, in your car, etc. It’s also light and really easy to move around the house. The Fischer Price Jonathan Adler Gym is amazing and we play on that multiple times a day. He’ll do tummy time and stare in one of the mirrors, and he’ll also lay on his back and kick at the hanging toys. The Rock ‘N Play Sleeper is another great spot for Augustine to hang out in when we’re making dinner or eating. My mom gave him Sophie the Giraffe the other day and he loves it. Favorite teething toy by far!

Mara and Augustine at the Beach- December 2016


I still feel like I’m in a bit of a Mom Fog since I’m not getting much sleep. That aspect has been the hardest for me because I’m used to getting at least 9 hours a night. With Matthew back at work, it’s been a little more challenging but I feel like Augustine and I are getting into a rhythm together. Right now we’re doing what we can to survive but I’m definitely looking forward to having a little more balance. Matthew and I need to get back to having weekly or at least monthly date nights, and I’m hoping I can get some me time in eventually too! As tired as I am, I’ve really never been happier. I love this little baby so much and just live for his smiles and laughs. It’s amazing how much he changes every day. Everyone says the time goes by fast and it’s true. To think that in 2 months he’ll be 6 months old {half a year!}, eating solids and {fingers crossed} sleeping longer, is amazing. I’m just trying to cherish this time with him, no matter how tired I am!


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  • tesora

    The best money (and really not that much for a good night’s sleep!) we ever spent was with a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I met her through our baby yoga classes and continue to use her as a resource. I can email you her name if you want. She does Skype sessions.

    • oh my gosh yes please email her info to me!! Thanks so much!! I definitely want to explore all options. Thank you 🙂

  • Tess

    Mara, Love the blog and so happy for your little family of three. Our daughter is 11 months old, and she had never slept through the night (not once) until we finally gave in to sleep training a little over 3 weeks ago. The Sleepeasy Solution was what we used and I found it to be tremendously helpful. It allows for check-ins to let baby know we are still there – even if it made her angrier, we still did it (and have to still do it from time to time) so she’ll know we haven’t left her indefinitely. Her sleep has improved tenfold! Before, on her most difficult nights, she would wake up 10-12 times a night! She currently sleeps 10-11 hours MOSTLY uninterrupted, but it is a work in progress knowing that teething, colds/sickness, and separation anxiety will kick in intermittently. It’s encouraging when you see that your baby is finally getting good sleep and then you can, too, which definitely improves your ability to parent well during the day. Good luck – you seem to be doing so well!!

    • oh my goodness 10-12 times?! You’re amazing!! I definitely will look into this sleep method then. Thank you so so much for the advice! I can’t wait until everyone is sleeping better. It’s been so tough physically and emotionally! Thank you again Tess!

  • Michelle Joseph

    He is a gorgeous little boy. He looks so much like you and your husband. 🙂

    Mich x

  • He is too adorable! Thank you for sharing<3

    Shall We Sasa

    • Thanks so much Sasa! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  • Katherine

    Hi Mara! Augustine is just a precious little cutie pie 🙂 I am certainly no expert, but here are a few things that may help with his sleep (I have a 22 month old daughter who is a champion sleeper): The Happiest Baby on the Block & the 5 S’s for calming babies is so great, especially during the witching hour. I can’t recommend it highly enough! If you don’t want to read the whole book, you can just google it and watch a 2 minute video on YouTube. Naps on you during the day as much as possible help ensure baby is feeling cozy and content and ready for more independent nighttime sleep (this one really worked for us). And tons of tummy time because once babies can roll over and sleep on their tummies, they will sleep a lot longer since it’s so much comfier for them 😉 Have you tried a white noise machine? Or even just running a vacuum? Sometimes it’s so crazy soothing for them! Also, I know it may seem so, so rough right now, but I promise you that it is just a phase and you will get past it. Just when it seems that you can’t take any more exhaustion and frustration, things will click and he will start sleeping better and you will have your evenings back and it will be so great! Oh and last thing, my absolute favorite book for sleep was The Happy Sleeper. It’s the best!! x

    • Katherine, thank you so so much!! I’ve heard amazing things about that book The Happy Sleeper. Adding it to my Amazon order now!! We’re done the white noise machine, and are trying to do as much tummy time as he’ll take. I hope once he starts rolling over he’ll sleep better too. Right now we have him in the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and he loves it because it’s cozy but it does prevent him from moving around a lot at night. We need to transition him out of that. Thanks so much for your advice. I really really appreciate it!!

  • Love these updates, Mara! I have an 8 month old and even though she’s a pretty good sleeper, she still hasn’t slept through the night once and wants to be fed to sleep 2 times a night. We’re trying to get her off of that and it’s so tough! I do agree with another commenter that now that she can roll herself over she sleeps for longer periods on her stomach. Also, we’ve been using the anais and aden sleepsack since she got out of her swaddle at 3 months and that has really helped too. Not only does she associate sleep once she’s in it, but I think it helps her feel cozy without feeling too tight like a swaddle. Regarding food, we started her at on solids around 6 months and although it’s fun, I will say it’s a lot more time consuming that I expected too! I’m still breastfeeding and am trying to get her on 3 meals a day but it doesn’t always happen. I’m also making all her food and working full time but my tip would be to introduce a wide variety of foods early on (if your pediatrician says it’s ok of course!). She loves anything from avocado to sweet potatoes and eggs and it’s great that if we’re at brunch or something, she can just have what’s on my plate. It’s so fun introducing new foods to her and having her discover the different tastes and textures. Seems like you got this mom thing down and are doing an awesome job! Thanks so much for sharing with us along the way, love the updates!

    • thanks so much for your advice about the sleep sack! Augustine hated swaddles so we used the LovetoDream one (with the arms up), and now we’re using the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. I’d like to transition him out of wearing it though so he can roll over at night but I think he prefers it because it’s cozy. You have to look it up and see how funny it looks 😉 I’m definitely looking forward to introducing foods but I bet it will be a lot more work. You’re amazing to be working full time, breastfeeding AND making her food. Major goals!!

  • Carrington Woods

    Hi, Mara! Love the update and I do hope Augustine sleeps better soon – have you tried the Windi’s for when he is uncomfortable from gas? They are made from the same company as the NoseFrida and they have worked well for us. When the time comes for us to introduce foods other than breast milk, I think I am going to order one of these appliances – it steams and blends and comes with a little cookbook!
    Also don’t feel bad for rocking or consoling your baby to sleep, sometimes they need the extra comfort. I don’t understand this harsh trend of parenting I’ve noticed since becoming a mother – I don’t expect my son will need that when he goes to college.

    • Hi Carrington! Thanks so much for letting me know about WIndi’s! I actually just saw it for the first time when I was grabbing the link for NoseFrida. Definitely something to look into, especially since you said it’s worked for you. Thank you thank you! And I’ve heard amazing things about Beaba!! I definitely want to get it. Hope you’re doing well and having a great Monday!!

  • Marianne Peirce

    Hi Mara. I love the posts and baby updates. We have an almost 18 month old boy. He wasn’t ever colic and his temperament may be a little different than you describe Augustine’s but we had the hardest time trying to get naps on track. I read the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child right around the time Quincy was 4 months and I thought it was tremendously helpful. I think there are things that you could pull from that book that may be helpful. Some of the things we started to do, when Quincy was crying, we’d put on a timer for 10 minutes and evaluate at the 10 minute mark if he really needed soothing or if he was calming down and able to put himself back down. A lot of the time, he’d stop crying way before the 10 minutes and was already back asleep. Just doing the timer helped us to sit back and not fixate on the crying part.

    Also, I tried to do reading before bed too, but that actually didn’t work at all for us. Quincy would get too excited by the books, so it wasn’t calming. We do a bath and lotion him up – so a mini baby massage and then right in his sleep sack, bottle and into the crib. If he fell asleep in our arms, that was fine, otherwise he’d go into the crib awake.

    Have you tried lovies for his crib? or pacifiers? We had a few in his crib and introduced the lovey around 4 months and it was really helpful.

    One other thing, you mentioned you were watching for his sleepy signs and starting his routine. Have you tried putting him to bed earlier? 5:30-6? When Quincy was that young, I swear he went to bed at 5 pm some days.

    Anyway, it does get easier as they get older!! Promise!

    Hope this wasn’t too preachy or anything. Good luck and he is adorable.

    • Hi Marianne! Thank you so much for your comment! NO this was not too preachy at all! It was actually incredibly helpful. It’s so nice to hear about what other parents have done. I’m honestly trying everything. Our pediatrician also suggested putting him down earlier. We’ve tried that but I feel like the timing has still been a little off and we haven’t been able to put him down in a peaceful state. Last night I tried doing the checks but I think it just made things worse because he was screaming and wouldn’t stop even when I was holding him 🙁

  • I just wrote you a bunch of facebook messages because girl, i get it! your boy and my girl seem very similar! anyways – i’m here if you need to talk/vent/chat/anything! xo

  • Rachael

    I haven’t had my baby yet, but was recommended the book “the natural baby sleep solution.” it is written by a sleep expert who bases her technique on a baby’s natural 90-minute sleep cycle. I am reading it and it sounds interesting (although a little daunting – you’re expected to offer very young babies a nap every 90 minutes!). my coworker who recommended it said she followed it and they never had any sleep problems with their baby. worth looking into if you feel uncomfortable with the cry-it-out methods.

    • Hi Rachael! Thank you so much for this!! I’ve heard about this book too. I need to check it out. It’s good you’re reading these books now because it’s SO hard to find the time once the little one arrives.

  • Mallory Thompson

    OMG! I love that picture of you two at the bottom. You look so content, and that little guy doesn’t even know yet what an incredible, inspiring mom he has been blessed with! Can’t wait for the update later this year when he starts to WALK! AHHHH! 🙂

    • aw Mallory you are so so sweet! Thank you!! And I know it’s it CRAZY that he’ll be walking later this year?! I can’t believe it!!!

  • Katherine Gonzales

    Hi Mara! I’ve been reading your blog for years but have never commented. I felt compelled to make a suggestion 🙂 You’re doing everything right in regards to his bedtime routine. I’m no expert, but have 3 kiddos. A 7 year old and 3 year old twins. All 3 have slept 12 hours a night from 3-4 months old on. My 7 year old gets about 11 now. My youngest son, had terrible acid reflux. My nephew had it so I recognized the signs right away. Uncontrollable crying and arching back, especially at bed time. Not sure how you feel about medicine, but it was God sent. We started him on Zantac at 4 weeks old and switched to Prevacid at 8 weeks and that finally worked. Just a suggestion. Ask your pediatrician and further testing can be done. God bless! And I’ll be praying you get some sleep soon!

    • Hi Katherine! Thank you so much for your comment (and all your support over the years!!). I actually just called my doctor yesterday because I think he has acid reflux. He’ll arch his back and get really upset sometimes during feedings. She thinks he might be in pain because of teething though and suggested Baby Tylenol. We tried that last night but it did not help at all!! I’ll definitely follow up with her again. I feel so bad if he’s in pain and want to make sure I’m sleep training when he’s not dealing with any of that!

  • Jay

    Your Augustine sounds just like my Jasper in his first year. He was a terrible sleeper and consistently up every 3 hours (without a single long stretch) in his first 6+ months. The 4 month regression hit hard and then it got worse and even naps started to go. Despite loving the little guy beyond words, I was falling apart by the 5 month mark. Your witching hours also sound very familiar. Things started to get better when I got a hold of wake time and basically followed it like clockwork. I set an alarm on my phone for every 1.5 hours (or whatever it was at his current age) and put him to sleep in nearly exact intervals. Night wakings were still a nightmare but it cut down on the crying. Then, I bought the SleepEasy Solution and it was by far the best $10 I have ever spent. I still pull that book out every now and again 2 years later. While Jasper was the worst sleeper out of our baby group, he’s definitely the best now. Hang in there.

    And for moving to solids, we did Baby Led Weaning and will do it again. I liked the philosophy behind it and it didn’t really create any extra work. We all ate the same things – the only thing that was challenging was cutting down on the salt in my own cooking (i.e. moving many prepared & processed foods out) which benefited us all in the end.

    • Hi Jay! SO glad to hear from you and your experience with Jasper. I’ve heard a lot about that book so I need to check it out. Our nights are definitely the most rough but I do notice if I can put him down ever hour and a half things are a lot better. In the evenings though he kind of refuses. Last night I ended up just putting him down because I knew he was tired (he was yawning and rubbing eyes), but he started to cry. I gave him 5 minutes but it just escalated. When I went in he wouldn’t even settle when I held him. It just continued for a good hour or so. So tough! I feel like sometimes letting him be makes it worse but I know I need to do that.

  • Van Nguyen

    I’m not sure if you follow Jenica Parcell. Hopefully this is helpful for you and A,

    • Oh thanks so much Van! I’ll definitely check out her post 🙂

  • toby

    I hear you on the baby sleep. I have a one-year-old who has never been a good sleeper. We’ve had months on end where she was up every 1-2 hours and would be awake for long periods in the middle of the night. I’ve resisted cry-it-out sleep training as I don’t have the heart for it, but what has helped us the most has been a solid routine. Naps around the same time every day as well as a predictable bedtime routine. After a few months of this, her sleep improved, though it’s still far from ideal. Most nights, we put her to bed at 7:30, she’s up around 1:30 and then sleeps until 5:30. It’s an improvement. But I get you on this. It is so so so hard. It’s amazing how well you can function on so little sleep. (You may also want to check out the No Cry Sleep Solution which has some good ideas, though it wasn’t a cure-all for us.)

    • Thanks so much Toby! My mom gave me that book and I’ve started to look through it. We’re trying to be consistent with naps too. It’s hard because depending on when he actually gets to bed some days he wakes up around 7 and others at 9.

  • He is beautiful Mara! I went through the same sleep issues with my first and around 5 months we got serious about letting him cry it out. We’d go in after 3 minute and pat his tummy and speak soothingly and then leave, and then 5 minutes and then 10…and so on. After about 3 or 4 nights he cut down to getting up once a night, which was basically like heaven. We did the same thing at 1 year and he started sleeping through the night. It was emotionally difficult but ended up being the best thing for us. You’ll find your way I promise.

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

    • aw thanks so much Heidi!! This is so encouraging and helps me to see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s so hard right now but I know when we do sleep train it will be worth it!

  • Deanna Sharp

    Hi Mara, I can definitely relate to aspects of this post…. we have been lucky with our sleep routine for Jack. He’ll be 4mo this week. He is very fussy much of the time though. The teething doesn’t help and he also hasn’t eczema, so when he gets flare ups, he’s very uncomfortable and cries a lot. Breastfeeding didn’t work out for us; I could never get the latch right plus I’m a nurse so when I went back to work, there was no way I had time to pump. But one thing is we did discover Jack has a cows milk protein allergy. He was extremely fussy 90% of the time before we discovered it. I had to cut out all dairy and even then he was getting some cows milk inside my milk still, from trace amounts of butter and such in my diet. I’m sure you’d know by now if this was the case with Augustine, but it’s something to rule out. We knew because Jack’s stools were mucousy and traced with blood. We thought at the time that he was just an extremely gassy baby. Now we feed him a special and expensive formula but of course it’s worth it.

    Another thing I just discovered is the wonder weeks app on iPhone. You may want to check it out. It gives you a calendar of when your baby is going through leaps, or developmental milestones. It tells you when you can expect more fussiness. It coincides with a book but I have yet to buy that.

    I wish there was a magic answer for us moms. I truly can’t imagine functioning without sleep like you are. And still being a great mom! It’s honestly incredible that us moms can find the strength to keep going even we are sleep deprived, and discouraged and frustrated. Good luck… I love reading about Augustine. Know that you’re not alone out there!! I’m curious as to what your pediatrician has to say about Augustine’s fussiness?

    Take care!!


    • Thanks so much for your comment Deanna! That’s so great you figured out about Jack’s milk allergy. Augustine doesn’t have one but I think he must have reflux. I talked to our pediatrician yesterday though and she said if he had reflux it would be better around the 4 month mark. She thinks that he’s probably in a lot of pain from teething and we should try Baby Tylenol before bed to help him sleep longer without being woken up from the pain. It didn’t work though 🙁 He was screaming until about 11:30 last night. So hard! He’s also fussy during the day sometimes but I’m trying to keep him on a schedule for naps just in case his fussiness is caused from being overly tired. So glad us moms have each other for support!! <3

  • Leslie Morris

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job! We have a 4mo old little boy also (our first) and have had tremendous success with the Moms on Call Method. It is a company started by two pediatric nurses – they have a book as well as an ap and the book is easy to read and not at all overwhelming. They may have a rep in your area too that can come over and put together an individualized sleep schedule. Worth looking into. Sleep is a beautiful thing!!

  • Zoe DiStefano

    Hi Mara – keep up the great work and seriously major kudos as I can imagine this is a really difficult time. my little one is 11 weeks and were struggling with sleepy time as well but no joke, KUDDOS because that sounds very rough!!!! I have so much respect for you and all the moms out there. You for sure join a club when you become a mom that no one else can relate to. Have you thought about what he is sleeping in? I loved the Dockatot because it made my little girl feel more snug while sleeping swaddled as well. She has outgrown the dockatot not swaddled so now we are trying the merlin sleep suit (today for the first time, wish me luck) out as so many people rave about it. Hang in there!

  • Morgan

    Hi Mara! I have almost two year old twins, and I remember these long nights you’re experiencing well. My son was a terrible sleeper at night and fussy during the day. My daughter slept great, which definitely helped but it still meant I was up with a baby constantly. My husband and I finally decided to sleep train around the 6mo mark, after discussing it with our pediatrician. The first few nights were rough, we would go into their room and pat his back, but not pick him up. By around the 4th night, he was sleeping thru the night! I know sleep training is a touch subject and not everyone agrees with the method, but it worked for us and gave me back a little bit of sanity! To this day he is an incredible napper and sleeper and I’m convinced it’s due to sleep training! Good luck to you guys in whatever you choose to do. I know it may not seem like it now, but soon these sleepless nights will be a distant memory!

  • Lizzie

    Hi Mara,

    I’ve followed you for awhile but I’ve never comment here (or on any blog for that matter lol) but I wanted to share one piece of advice that helped me. I gave birth to my son 6 days before you and he was an extremely colicky baby. Didn’t nap unless he would fall asleep from exhaustion in his swing, cried all evening and night no matter what we did or didn’t do for hours on end. He would just sob non stop. It broke my heart. My husband and I were losing our minds from the lack of sleep and crying. Our pediatrician told us there was nothing we could do but wait it out.

    My friend mentioned this book called the Baby Whisper by Tracy Hogg and I ordered it on amazon. It changed our lives. Our screaming colicky baby went from just that to a fussy manageable baby. Yes he needs a extremely strict routine throughout the day and it took a good three weeks of work but her book helped tremendously. Benjamin is four and a half months, naps twice a day, goes to bed at 6:30 and only wakes up once or twice per night and wakes up between 6:30/7:30 for the day.

    As a bonus she doesn’t advocate for the cry it out method and uses another method instead which was something I was looking for as well. I was never a fan of leaving my baby crying, even for three minutes at a time and she has a wonderful effective method that works without your child crying alone.

    It will be the best $15 you have spent. Again, I’ve never commented on a blog but my heart went out to you reading this post since I’ve experienced the same thing with my son. Best of luck! Augustus is super duper cute and I love your posts 😘


  • Rebecca

    Hi Mara! I see you already have a ton of comments but for what it’s worth, our babies sound kinda similar so I thought I’d share what worked for us. My little guy is 13 months now. He also was colicky, and so we did what the books said, do ANYTHING to get him to sleep. I usually ended up nursing him to sleep and he would be up a couple times in the night and nurse back to sleep. The 4 month sleep regression hit him hard though and things got out of control quickly! We started noticing more wake ups around 3.5 months. He also would often wake up 30-40 minutes after I got him down. Occasionally he would let me husband rock him to sleep but 90% of the time I had to nurse him. It got worse and worse and worse and by 5.5 months he was honestly up 5-7 times a night needing to be nursed back to sleep EACH time which took about 30 minutes. I’m sure you can imagine, I was a complete mess. We had tried one night of sleep training at 4 months, the pick up put down method, which did not work (I knew it was not a good fit for my guy but still wanted to try it instead of crying it out) and so I became so afraid to sleep train him, I just kept putting it off. I stay at home with him and by this point I also was literally holding him through 3 naps a day in his darkened room. Seriously I look back now and have no idea what I was thinking! Must have been the sleep deprivation!!!! Anyway, my point is, at 5.5 months I literally couldn’t take waking up every 45-90 minutes anymore and we decided to use “Sleeping through the night” by Mindell. As you said, waking up that many times a night wasn’t good for any of us!!!! I liked Mindell because although he needs to fall asleep on his own at the beginning of the night, for any wake ups during the night, you can go in and nurse the baby or rock the baby or do whatever you usually do to get him to go back to sleep. That was a huge relief to me since my little guy was used to eating at least 5 times a night, I thought cutting him off for 12 hours seemed pretty mean! The theory is, as the baby learns to fall asleep on their own at the beginning of the night, they will start putting themselves back to sleep on their own when they wake up in the middle of the night too. We saw improvements the very first night and by the end of one week he was only up once a night. (I continued to nurse him once a night until 9 months). Obvi you can read more in the book, but I really liked it, especially for nursing moms! Also for all that worrying I did about letting him cry it out at he beginning of the night, the longest he ever cried was about 25 minutes. Within a few days, he was falling asleep after only a few minutes of crying. I will say with complete sincerity sleep training was LIFE CHANGING for us. You have to be ready, and every baby is different, but it really can make a huge difference in your quality of life. And for us it was absolutely better for our baby than him waking up so many times each night. He was much, much happier during the day! Good luck! You’ll figure out what is best for your family! It can be so, so hard and you’re doing a great job taking care of him with no sleep!

  • So so so sweet! I can’t believe your little boy is getting so big, so quickly. He is just the cutest! And Mara- you look amazing! You definitely have that mommy-glow! Even if you’re exhausted!


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    Hi Mara,

    I have a three-year-old who’s still awake right now (it’s 11:30pm here) so didn’t have a chance to read all the comments but managed to read the whole post in one sitting!

    Stay strong because my child is THREE, yes THREE YEARS OLD and she just doesn’t like sleep. She can run around all day full of energy on as little as two hours of sleep at night and no naps!!! She still wakes up 8-9 times a night when she does ‘sleep through the night’. So good luck to you because you’re in the mombie club! Stock up on coffee and you’ll get used to never feeling fully awake!

    I don’t know what Matthew does (found your blog about half an hour ago) but why don’t you ask him to get up with Augustine while you get some sleep? It would do you a world of good!

    With weaning, go with your gut. Do you think Augustine is hungry and that’s why he wakes up so much? We weaned at 16 weeks because my little girl was drinking 8oz of milk every hour (formula) around the clock and then she started sleeping for a glorious six hours at a time at night!

    Good luck and I would love to hear more about how you’re finding motherhood!


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