Augustine’s Nighttime Routine

April 3, 2017


sharing our nighttime routine on M Loves M

In my post the other week, I talked about the sleep method that worked the best for Augustine. Part of the reason why I think this method was so helpful was because we developed a really strong and consistent nighttime routine. I thought in today’s Motherhood Monday post I would share more details about Augustine’s nighttime routine.

Augustine's 6 Month Nighttime Routine

I truly believe that having a routine made the biggest difference for us. Before going through sleep “training,” the evenings were such a struggle. I seriously dreaded bedtime because Augustine would cry every time I put him down. I’d end up rocking or nursing him to sleep and then as soon as I put him down he would cry again. This would continue until 10 or 11 pm, and then start up again an hour and a half to two hours later. It was brutal! Now, I can put Augustine down to sleep at 7 pm and he will grab his lovey, close his eyes, and go to sleep. When this happens I’m like, “halleluiah,” and want to do a little happy dance out of his nursery. It’s such a good feeling!

Augustine’s Nighttime Routine

Most evenings we go for a walk before bedtime. Once we get back, we start to transition into nighttime mode. We turn the lights down, I diffuse one of my favorite essential oils {read about some of my faves}, and we get ready for bed.

nighttime routine for 6 month old babyessential oil diffuser

We usually do baths every other night. If we do a bath we’ll start that around 6:15 pm. Then we do a nighttime massage with lotions, and a diluted essential oil blend that’s gentle enough for babies. We put on pajamas and then sit in our chair for one last feed, which is usually at 6:30pm.

baby nighttime routine at 6 months getting augustine ready for bed getting baby ready for bedour nighttime routine

After Augustine eats, we read some stories. On a night where he’s getting tired more quickly we might only read one book, but I’d say usually it’s 3 or 4. I’m a reader so this is my favorite part of our nighttime routine. Some of our favorite books are: I am a Bunny, The Going to Bed Book, and Runaway Bunny. The last book we always read is Goodnight Moon. It was actually a copy that my godmother gave me when I was a baby!

favorite nighttime books reading nighttime stories to baby Augustine's 6 month nighttime routine

Once we finish Goodnight Moon, I’ll say some prayers with Augustine. This is something that I’m looking forward to continuing as he gets older. We pray for his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and of course Ginger! Then I turn on the sound machine and we walk around the room and say goodnight to things {the clock, the lamp, the crib, the chair, the bookshelf, the lamb print, the giraffe print, his stuffed animals, etc.}.

nighttime routine for a 6 month old baby an effective nighttime routine for better sleep

Finally, I turn off the light and sing two songs to Augustine as I rock him a little bit. I like having the light off while we do this because he gets comfortable in the dark with me there with him. Then I give him a kiss and say, “I love you so much, my baby!” I put him in his crib, move his lovey up by his arm, and say “Goodnight Augustine. Close your eyes and go to sleep. We love you.” Then I leave the room and close the door.

M Loves M nighttime routine with Augustine helping baby fall asleep more easily baby sleep routine and effective sleep training method

I’ll usually go and watch him on the monitor and I love seeing him get comfortable and fall asleep. Our nighttime routine might change a little bit over the years but I love that it includes these different aspects {reading stories, saying prayers, singing songs}. I also think it’s good that the last meal is separated a little bit from bedtime so that he doesn’t associate eating with sleeping. I read that this is a big key in helping babies learn how to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own. While nursing to sleep isn’t a bad thing, and every mama needs to do what she needs to do, it wasn’t the best system for us. I’m really happy that Augustine knows how to self-soothe and go to sleep on his own now.

So, that’s our nighttime routine! Would love to hear from some of you mamas, too! Do you have a nighttime routine? And what does it include? We’ve been pretty good about being home every night to do this, but I’m also curious about what you do when you have a night away. Do you still do a routine when you travel, or attend a dinner/wedding in the evening that conflicts with bedtime? I know that’s something we’ll have to figure out over the next several months because as great as a routine is, there are certain nights where it just isn’t possible.


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photos by Jordan Zobrist


  • Michelle Joseph

    Aww I love this routine. It’s so lovely.

    Mich x

  • Thank you for sharing! He is so adorable:P

    Shall We Sasa

    • Thanks so much Sasa!! He looks so young here and it was just taken a month ago!

  • Jacklene Creekmore

    Hi Mara! What essential oils do you use on Augustine? I was thinking of doing that for my baby boy!

    • HI Jacklene!! I can email you about the ones I love! They’re so great and helpful! Matthew and I use them too 🙂

  • Brandi Matthews

    Loving this dress and you make such a great mum!!!
    Happy Monday!!!
    Xx Brandi

  • katstev

    We are trying to establish a routine right now (11 weeks). Right now it is just a last feeding, a change, getting swaddled, and singing as we darken the bedroom and put him in his bassinet. I’m looking forward to adding books once he’s more interested in them!

    • aw that’s so great!! It sounds like you have a perfect routine. Enjoy that special time. It’s crazy but I miss him being that young. 11 weeks is so precious!!

  • katstev

    I have a question, too: When did Augustine start sleeping in his own room? Now that our baby is sleeping for longer stretches we are thinking about moving him so that we’re not woken by his little noises!

    • Yes! Moving him will probably help you all sleep a little better. Babies can smell mommies so sometimes they’ll wake up more often to eat. We moved him at 2 months because he was ending up sideways in the bassinet. He’s super long (98th percentile!)

  • Allegra Liu

    So happy for you! This is such a huge key to everyone’s well being so I’m glad you’ve got a bedtime routine down and your babe is able to self soothe and go to sleep now. We love Runaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon. So sweet that you have the copy from your godmother. Your dress is so cute btw

    • aw thanks Allegra!! I love both of those books so much!

  • Andrea

    That’s awesome to hear! I’ve been going through the same night time battle with my 6 month old baby girl and finally downloaded the book you mentioned. I realized our routine was all over the place and needs more structure. I’m also in need of a lovey for her. I had no idea about this thing! My Dr. Recommended​ one and I’m not sure what to use. What did you end up using for Augustine? He’s such a cutie! So happy to hear he’s sleeping much better. I’ve been following your blog since you were pregnant (we were one month apart!) and it’s been fun watching the different stages we all go through. Thank you for this post! Looking forward to having a better sleeper than a night owl :).

    • aww good luck Andrea!! Hopefully having more of a routine will help you guys out!! The lovey we use is one my best friend gave us from her trip to Europe but I’ve heard the Aden + Anais ones are great. I’ve heard moms say to get one you can get duplicates of, just in case they get lost!

      • Andrea

        Thank you so much :). I’ll check those out.

  • shara929

    How are Augustine’s naps now that you implemented this method? Is he sleeping for long stretches at night? I just read the book, hoping my six month old will start to sleep better soon! 🙂

  • Carrington Woods

    Love this. He is precious. It was our first night using the happy sleeper book you recommended! He put himself to sleep after about 22 minutes 😅 Thank you for your post about sleep – I really am looking forward to more restful nights!

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