ho-ho-holiday party!

December 8, 2009


This weekend was busy but oh so fun! Matthew and I did a little Christmas shopping on Saturday. I was only able to knock out part of one person’s gift though so I still have a lot to do! I also have to get Matthew’s gift! Sigh..why are guys so hard to shop for?!
Saturday night we went to his work’s holiday party at the Petersen Automobile Museum and it was awesome! All these cool old cars everywhere, delicious food (avacado eggrolls, goat cheese empanadas, dim sum, french fry bar, sweet corn ravioli) and the desserts..omg!(s’mores on sticks, mini milkshakes in milk bottles, sugar cookies, mini cupcakes and more!) I was in a food coma heaven! They also had this really cool “photobooth” type set. Here are the pictures we took!
 The props were all provided. In another picture I had on boxing gloves and Matthew wore a fur cape. That one got mixed up though so he should get it sometime this week.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was so excited because it rained in LA today. All I wanted to do was curl under the covers and watch movies all day. Hopefully it lasts a little longer so I can do just that!
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