i heart date nights

November 8, 2010


I love when Matthew and I have date nights! It’s something we can both look forward to all week. It seems like we haven’t been out to dinner in awhile since last weekend we were busy with Halloween and the week before that I was in Pittsburgh. So this was much needed! Matthew had a Blackboard Eats deal for a sushi place around Mid Wilshire. The staff was so friendly- they gave us a free little appetizer of okra with ponzu sauce, funny key chains and took a “Polaroid” photo of us to put on their wall. It was really sweet! Buuut with that being said {and to be honest}, it wasn’t the best food and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Unless, of course, you had a coupon for 30% off like we did! It was still have to have a little night out though!
When we were leaving the manager said, “See you Tuesday!” which made us think maybe he had us confused with someone else! But then a waiter walked by while we were almost out the door and said, “See you tomorrow!,” so I guess they were just being friendly!

This time change is nice on one hand because you get an extra hour of sleep, but if you stay up late {like I normally do!} it doesn’t make a difference! I’m determined to get to bed early and catch up on emails and blogs tomorrow! Did any of you forget about to “fall back” your clocks? I usually do!


excuse the poor photo quality..taken on my little Canon
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