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Omg just sent you the ask about skincare during pregnancy & then saw today’s post about skincare. 😹 Thanks, you already covered it!!

aw yay! thanks so much for following along!!

Hi Mara, I’d love to hear how your skincare regimen has changed since getting pregnant! Love following you.

aw how funny!! I’m glad you saw it! You can see all my beauty posts here too:

And here are my previous monthly beauty routines:


I hope they’re helpful! Let me know if you have any questions though!

You should do a post on what mobile apps you like to use! I love finding new apps to download.

oh that’s a great idea!! Thank you! I’ll try to put something together during the next few weeks!

How do you style your bangs?

Hi! I did the post a few years ago about how I like to style bangs and I think it’s pretty true to what I do now. I rely on the morning “birdie baths” to wash and blowdry them so that they fall better, and I think using a round brush helps give them a little lift in the growing out stages. Just be careful not to lift and heat them too high lol! But the back and back motion definitely helps when you’re blowdrying too in case you get any cowlicks. I hope that helps!!