Ask Mara

questions, thoughts, suggestions?
Do you plan to do a video/post about how to style bangs if you end up hating them? I want to try bangs so bad but I’m afraid of how they will look once they are cut.

Oh I love this idea! Yes I will definitely do a post like that! I think that’s what I love about bangs is that there are a lot of ways you can style them and personally the growing out process was never an issue for me. Here’s a post I did a few years ago about tricks for styling bangs! I’ll definitely work on another more updated post though. Thanks for the idea!

Hey Mara, I love reading your blog every week. You have great style ideas and its great to see that you always add affordable pieces for the viewer to consider. Now that wedding season is in full swing I was wondering if you have opinions on wedding dresses that are not white. I love color but I am also traditional what would be some suggestions to add color to that special day without going overboard? Thank you Mo

Hi Mo! Thank you so much for reading and for submitting your question! I actually think that colored wedding dresses are gorgeous, especially if you’re not feeling the white. I think white is definitely the most classic but you have to do what speaks to you. For colored dresses, I think a pale yellow, if it works for your skin tone, would be gorgeous! I also think a light pink would be beautiful. But if you want a colored wedding dress that’s a little more dramatic I actually think black would be gorgeous, and you could make it super classy and stylish. Maybe other guests would wear white? I think that could be kind of fun! I would definitely encourage you to do what makes you happy because it’s your special day. Please keep me posted with what you end up doing!!

Hi Mara!I’m wondering if you can send me the chocolate chip cookie recipe you always make? Is it the NY Times one? I’m making a few desserts to bring for Easter dinner, and I wanted to include these! My email is: andrews.ashleyp@gmail.comThank you & Happy Easter!Ashley

Hi!! I’m so sorry I just saw this! Yes I LOVE the NYT recipe although I usually make it with semisweet chips instead. Let me know what you think if you try them!

Hi Mara! First off…I just adore you and your blog/personal brand. I am a lifestyle photographer out on the east coast outside of Charlotte, NC. I specialize in families and babies, but want to expand and work with creative entrepreneurs and/or bloggers such as yourself. I would love to create content for their websites, Facebook, and Instagram. I guess my question would be, how to I go about reaching these folks. I don’t want to just show up in their DM’s one day, and them be like, who’s this?? How did you first start working with your photographer? Any tips would so be appreciated! Blessings!Nicole

Hi Nicole!

Oh I think that’s great you want to branch out! I would definitely suggest reaching out to the bloggers/businesses directly, sharing some of your work, and telling them why you’d be interested in shooting for them. Maybe you could offer them the first shoot for free/discounted to see if it’s a good fit. Personally, I love connecting with different creatives and I feel like it’s fun to get a different energy on board. Good luck and keep me posted! You’ll have to let me know if you’re ever out my way too!