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Hi there, I just recently found your blog through the bathroom redo you did! I tried to find the source a few different ways but was unable to find any answer. Would you mind sharing where you found your kids bathroom brass shower/tub fixtures? Thank you so much!

Hi! I’m so glad you liked the kids bathroom renovation. It was so fun to design and put together! All of the fixtures were from the Delta Cassidy line in Champagne Bronze. I hope that helps!!

Can you please tell me where I can find that strawberry cake recipe you made recently, I’m dying to make it for my birthday in a few days but have no idea where to go. Thank you so much in advance xx

Hi! Yes of course! It was a recipe from Smitten Kitchen linked here. It was so good and very easy! Perfect for spring/summer. I already can’t wait to make it again!

Hi Mara, your makeup is always so naturally beautiful. I’m wondering if you can tell me what primers (both face and eye), concealers and foundations you use regularly. Thanks!

Aw that is so nice of you! Thank you!! I’ve been using this Elemis primer that I really like {it smells so good!}, but I really only wear it when I’m out and about and want my makeup to look good all day long. I also have this Smashbox primer {it’s a classic}, but I personally love how the Elemis one feels a little better on my skin.

When I’m doing my day to day makeup, I don’t wear it although you definitely could! For daily foundation, I really like the It Cosmetics CC cream bc it has excellent coverage. When I’m going to a party/event, or shooting photos, I use this NARS foundation that I absolutely love! I also use the NARS concealer and that’s great! It’s creamy and gives good coverage. If you want A LOT of coverage and a brightening effect, I’d recommend the concealer from Jouer and also Tarte Cosmetics. Hope that’s helpful!! Let me know if you have any other questions!

I’m not sure if you’ve already done a post like this, but can you consider showing some outfits for cold, winter months? Specifically, how to make dresses/ skirts warmer? I’d love to see some outfits with tights and leggings because I never know how to “properly” dress up an outfit with leggings? Thanks!

Yes! I totally know what you mean. I’m such a dress girl too and when the weather is cold it can feel so limiting. I’m not sure if I’ll able to put something up in the next few weeks since I’m due with the baby so soon, but I’m adding to my calendar for after the baby arrives! In the meantime though, I have done a bunch of posts in previous years with winter weather more in mind. Of course, you have to remember I live in Southern California so it doesn’t get that cold here. But here’s what I’ve worn in my DRESSING FOR WINTER category. I hope something there is helpful!!