Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

February 1, 2019

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

Normally I have Matthew help round up the best gifts for any of my gift guides for men, but this year I figured I’d keep the romance alive and let him off the hook for Valentine’s Day. He does pick the best gifts though and I always get lots of notes about how funny his writing is! Here’s his Holiday Gift Guide if you missed it!

If your boyfriend or husband is anything like Matthew, he probably won’t wear anything too red or pink, even if it is Valentine’s Day. I chose more neutral shades to ensure he’ll actually use the gifts I give him. I know he’ll love having this classic chambray shirt when the weather gets warmer and these leather tennis shoes are just too cool to pass up!

I’m always trying to encourage Matthew to use my skincare products but I don’t know, maybe they’re too girly for him or something. I thought he might like a product from a men’s line and I love that Counterman is a cleaner option since they ban over 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients. Their Toner Pads would be a great product for him to throw in his gym bag, or use for an easy routine at home. If Matthew does anything with his skin, he wants it to be fast and easy. These toner pads include a blend of witch hazel and green tea extract and they remove residual dirt and excess oil, plus they tighten pores and improve the appearance of skin. I have a feeling Matthew will love them, especially since they include bergamot and vetiver essential oils. So woodsy and fresh! Next up, I’ll introduce him to this exfoliating cleanser,because he needs to know how fun it is to exfoliate! lol!

Soon we’ll have two babies and that means we’ll be bringing twice as much stuff with us when we leave the house! I think Matthew would love this navy backpack and I could totally see him using it for work.

You can never go wrong with a shiny new pair of sunglasses or a high-quality pair of headphones. For your favorite mixologist, check out this gorgeous bar tool set! Alright, this one might be a gift for me too once I’m no longer pregnant lol! I love the idea of creating a little bar gift set with these unique glasses and a drink kit designed to make Old Fashioned cocktails.

Men may not appreciate romantic gestures as much as we do, but I had to include some romantic gift ideas! This custom star map is so unique. We’re planning on getting one for Augustine that shows what the stars looked like on the day and in the location of his birth, but this would be so sweet as a Valentine’s gift. You could use the date and location of your first date, proposal, wedding, or really any moment that’s important to you. I also thought picking up a city guide like this one for a trip you’re planning to take together {or even your own city} would be a fun way to find new things to do together. And of course, a candle with a romantic, woodsy scent, had to make the cut!


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For more gift ideas, you can take a look at last year’s Valentine’s Day guide for men or even the more recent holiday gift guide from December! Matthew and I have been together so long that we’ve already gotten each other soooo many gifts. I would love to hear any creative gift ideas you have for the men in your life!


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