February Beauty Picks: Luxe and Glam Beauty

January 31, 2019

Buxom lipstick review! - M Loves M @marmar

February is the most romantic of all months, so I’m hoping to squeeze in another date night or two before our second baby arrives! Even though I’m not due for two weeks after, the fact that she could arrive on Valentine’s Day is a little exciting! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays so of course, I love February. Roses, chocolate, silk, could February be any more indulgent?! That’s why this month I wanted to try some luxurious products that would help create some glam beauty looks that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Love these glam beauty products! - M Loves M @marmar So many glamorous beauty products to try! - M Loves M @marmar Kristen Ess Hair Water review! - M Loves M @marmar I love Kristen Ess hair products! - M Loves M @marmar


Kristin Ess Signature Hair Water

I was super curious about this product because I was wondering how this water could be any different than water from the faucet. Apparently, this water is delivered in a super fine consistent mist which can actually make a big difference in your hair, giving it a shinier and sleeker style and enhanced texture. With the weather being so dry lately, I have definitely seen a change in my hair and I am excited to use this product and bring my hair back to life!

Buxom Lip Plumping in Dolly

I wanted to include this one because when I featured it on Instagram I got several comments from people about this color in particular. Everyone who mentioned it said how flattering it is and how they always get a lot of compliments when they wear it. The lip gloss contains vitamins A and E which will help keep my lips feeling moisturized all day and the color is super fun, being a perfect pop of color for a lot of different styles I plan on wearing this month.

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum

As a busy mom, I often don’t have time to exfoliate my skin daily and ensure I’m giving it all the nourishment it needs. I am excited to try this serum and am planning to apply it every night before I go to bed. It’s supposed to gently exfoliate skin and even out skin tone, giving it a brighter and healthier look. I also love that this product is not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients!

JOSIE MARAN Argan Moonstone Glow Highlighting Stick

I always am looking for makeup products that are both versatile and effective. This highlighting stick can be used to highlight, prime and even moisturize skin as it contains Pure Argon Oil, mango butter and rose hip oil. I’m hoping it gives a subtle glow for a perfect and natural, everyday look.

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening 24H Moisturizer

Lately I have been really into products with rose. It is February after all! This moisturizer is meant to keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. It contains vitamin C, wild rose oil and turmeric extract and I hope it will be perfect when my skin is looking a little dull and needs an extra hydro boost. As a plus, it also contains 90.8 percent natural ingredients which I love!


Seed Phytonutrients Facial Superseeds Serum

I’ve been a little indifferent about this serum because I’m not sure I’ve noticed a huge difference with it. I also feel like I need 2-3 pumps to cover my face so it’s getting used up quickly. I love how natural it is {99%!} but it also feels a little homemade. Maybe I’m judging it incorrectly, but I don’t know if it’s delivered the results I am used to in a serum. I’m still going to continue using it though and hope I feel a little differently after next month.

First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer

I’ve been loving this priming moisturizer because it’s such a good multi-tasking product! It goes on really well and helps when I’m doing a heavier makeup face by allowing the product to last longer. Even going makeup-free though, I feel like this priming moisturizer does a good job smoothing my face out a bit and giving it a little buffer. It doesn’t provide real coverage on its own but it feels like it gives a little something extra. Love the coconut scent too!

Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser

Another Korres product I LOVE! This is such a great exfoliating cleanser. It has just the right about of grit to exfoliate, smells incredible, and does a great job resurfacing my skin. It has wild rose oil in it which is supposed to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines too. This is not a drying exfoliant too which is a major plus during the wintertime! I use the exfoliating cleanser every other day usually, although you can use it daily. I just really want it to last awhile! The one thing I will say is that the cap has to be screwed on and off each time, which is a little more work {I know not much!} but maybe worth mentioning if that detail bothers you!

Kiehl’s Buttermask Lip Smoothing Treatment

I’ve been really needing a good lip treatment and I’ve been wearing this one most nights before bed. I love how it smells {although I forgot that it includes mango because it’s not super tropical smelling}. In the mornings my lips feel really soft and ready for lipstick! The product is a little firmer, i.e. it doesn’t scoop out as easily as some, but I don’t mind!

Go-To Face Hero

Oh I love this oil! It has a great consistency and smells amazing. The oil feels really thick and nutritious when you apply it and I feel like it does wonders for my skin while helping give a healthy glow. I’m definitely a fan! And the price point is so good. Like you could easily spend double on a face oil that might deliver the same, or less, results! Plus, the packaging is super fun, don’t you think?!


You can find all of my past monthly beauty product reviews here if you’re curious to see which ones I’ve loved using {and which I haven’t!}. What products are your go-to for a glam beauty look?!


photos by Priscilla Frey
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