September Beauty: Beauty Essentials

September 2, 2020

September's Beauty Reviews: Beauty Essentials

Happy September! As always, it’s time to share my new beauty reviews! As my schedule is looking a bit busier than usual this month {click here to read my family’s big news!}, I am looking for super easy and convenient beauty products to use that are super effective. I’m looking for the essential beauty products that are useful everyday, perfect for makeup-free days, and don’t take too much time to use.

I rounded up a list of some amazing beauty essentials!I can't wait to see the results of these beauty essentials!This dry shampoo is definitely a beauty essential.I added this face cream to my list of beauty essentials!

I found some amazing beauty essentials that I am so excited to try out!

September Beauty: Beauty Essentials

OUAI x BYREDO Super Dry Shampoo Mojave Ghost

I think we all know dry shampoo is one of the biggest beauty essentials! Dry shampoo is actually OUAI’s best selling product and that has to be for a reason! It is supposed to be perfect for fine, medium, AND thick hair, so it is great for pretty much anyone with any hair type. This dry shampoo helps give your hair volume and it naturally detoxifies and cleanses your hair from any oil that may be hiding there. I am so excited to try this dry shampoo on days when I don’t have enough time to wash my hair or when my hair needs a little refresher because this will give it the cleanse and fresh scent it needs! And speaking of scent, this dry shampoo is a collaboration with Bydredo, a fine fragrance house, featuring their iconic Mojave Ghost scent.

KORRES Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream

This gel-cream moisturizer is known to hydrate your skin and give it a nice glow. It works on any skin type and reduces skin concerns such as redness and dryness. The majority of people who tried this saw a great improvement in their skin, and I’m talking about over 90 percent! In fact, a HUNDRED percent of people saw improvement in the softness of their skin and who doesn’t love soft skin? I am super thrilled to try this product and see what improvements it leads to.

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Peeling Face Mask

I am so excited to try this peeling face mask because it looks like it should be a super simple process. It takes around one minute and a small amount goes a long way. It is a quick mini facial that exfoliates your face and gives you that healthy-looking glow we all love. This mask is safe for any skin type and helps with fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and uneven texture which I am all about reducing!

Colleen Rothschild Complete Eye Cream 

I am obsessed with facial creams because they are so easy to apply and make your face feel moisturized. This eye cream targets eye aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye circles, and puffiness. This cream contains great ingredients that specifically help reduce those facial defects while hydrating your skin. I’ve been loving Colleen Rothschild’s Glycolic Acid Peel Pads with Blue Agave, so I’m excited to try one of her other products.

Perricone MD Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser is supposed to be good for every skin-type as it is super gentle on the skin and free of any harmful ingredients such as fragrance, glutens, sulfates, silicones, parabens, and more. I am really excited to try this cleanser, because it claims to moisturize and clean your skin without irritating it/


GLOW RECIPE Papaya Sorbet Smoothing Enzyme Cleansing Balm

This product did not disappoint! It did a great job removing the makeup and oil I had on my face the entire day. This cleansing balm is the perfect addition to my night-time routine and it always leaves me feeling so refreshed and relaxed. The hints of papaya makes my face smell so good and I absolutely love cleaning my face with it before I go to bed. It even makes my face feel so renewed in the morning which, to me, is the best part!

PUREOLOGY Style + Protect On The Rise Root-Lifting Mousse

I was so excited to use this product and honestly, I loved the results! This hair mousse really gives my hair some added texture. This hair mousse not only makes my hair look amazing and shiny, but it protects it from anything that could hurt it. This brand’s hair products never seem to disappoint.

Skinceuticals Serum 20

I can definitely see why this serum is claimed by experts as one of the best vitamin C serums! After using this serum for the first time, I saw amazing results a little while after. My face feels so refreshed and healthy when I use this serum and I am so excited to keep using it and see the long-term results. Love that this serum is made without parabens, fragrances, and alcohol, too!

VITA LIBERATA Blur Skin Tone Optimiser

This was a product I don’t think was 100% for me. My goal was to wear it on days I didn’t want to wear much makeup, and while it did do a great job in blurring out my skin and making it look a little tanner, I personally couldn’t stand the smell. Maybe a personal problem! But I also felt like my the end of the day my skin looks weirdly dark and splotchy. I’m not sure if it was just a result of a busy day out and about, but I felt like it wasn’t doing me any favors. I’ll have to give it a try in the winter months and see if it makes a difference!

Colleen Rothschild Glycolic Acid Peel Pads with Blue Agave

These pads felt so refreshing and I felt like it immediately revived my skin. There is a slight tingly feeling, but it’s not intense at all. After using these peel pads I immediately saw a positive difference on my skin. It gave me a brighter complexion and I felt like I was glowing. I love using these peel pads because they make my skin feel so good after each use, and I for sure think it’s made my skin smoother! Highly recommend these!

I’m really excited to try these new beauty essentials in September! Have any of you tried them? I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn more about what your beauty essentials are.

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