I Found the Most Personalized Skincare Routine

March 10, 2022


customized skincare products- M Loves M @marmar

Since I started blogging over a decade ago, I’ve worked with many brands and tried more products than I could possibly count. While I always love trying a new skincare product, I have never felt like it’s perfectly designed for my skin type and needs. There’s always been one area it’s fallen short – maybe the moisturizer without the SPF, or the night cream that doesn’t know how soft/hard the water is where I’ve lived. My good friend recommended Proven Skincare to me and she has the most stunning skin, so I was beyond curious to check it out. I went to their site which led me through a short but very detailed questionnaire that I really appreciated and actually enjoyed doing. I was asked questions about my skin concerns, habits that expose me to screens, and finally my zip code because of course our skin is affected by our environment. I could constantly see the ingredients changing based on my answers. Here’s a little peek at what my customization was like. I couldn’t help screenshotting because I was so fascinated!

what proven's customization looks like- M Loves M @marmar

proven skincare customization- M Loves M @marmar

Pretty cool, right? There were so many other areas that were addressed like my personal concerns, as well as my lifestyle.

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Never have I had such a thorough evaluation of my skin, not even during a fancy spa facial. I received the products and immediately started using them. While it’s only been a month and a half I just had to share my experience because I’ve been so impressed with the company and the process of customization. So far my skin seems to be responding well to the new products. I sometimes will break out when switching over to something new, but haven’t experienced that with these. My skin feels really hydrated during the end of our winter, and I feel like my skin also just looks a little but brighter. I didn’t notice that last part until I looked through some recent photos and was like wow why my skin actually looks a little different! I feel like I usually need/want to wear a foundation but I’ve had less redness that I feel like I can go without, or with a light skin tint.

proven skincare customization- M Loves M @marmarI found the best personalized skincare routine- M Loves M @marmar

If any of you are looking for a new product, I’d encourage you to check out Proven Skincare! I think you’ll enjoy the personalization process and be just as excited to try some products designed specifically for you! Also, you can use code MARA for a discount of $80 off the retail price!! They were so sweet to share that code with me!


DISCLOSURE: Thank you so much to Proven Skincare for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors!