My Top Holiday Travel Tips + A Gift Guide For the World Traveler

December 11, 2019


My best holiday travel tips! - M Loves M @marmar

Now that I’ve traveled with two kids ages three and 6 months, I feel like I can tackle any travel problems that come my way! Well kinda! I’m no pro, but I’m definitely a little more confident about the whole situation. Because the holidays are such a crazy time for travel {been there, done that}, I thought now might be a helpful time to share some of my best holiday travel tips. Keep reading for my tips and for a gift guide full of fun travel finds!

How to pack for the holidays! - M Loves M @marmar A review of those handy packing cubes! My best holiday travel tips! - M Loves M @marmar

My Top Holiday Travel Tips


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How I Save My Flight Details

When I am flying, I always add the flight details to my calendar with the confirmation number in the event title. It makes it so much easier when I’m checking in for flights to not have to search through all my emails. I also keep a backup charger with me just in case my phone dies, and I don’t ever travel without my car charger. It comes in handy way more often than you’d think!

How I Pack

I plan all of my outfits beforehand and try to make sure that each piece will work with multiple outfits. I dove a bit deeper into this process here. I’ve found that packing cubes really come in handy for keeping my clothes organized. I especially like to separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones throughout the trip. They seem to help save space too! These ones from Paravel have been great!

How I Avoid Mistakes

I also use pre-made “don’t forget” packing lists that I reference as I’m walking out the door to make sure I’m not forgetting to bring small but essential things like deodorant. Or a razor, which yes has happened before and it isn’t fun lol! This list is so thorough, which is perfect when you pack for a whole family.

How I Feel Secure

When I’m traveling somewhere a bit out my comfort zone, I like to write down all of my important information on an actual piece of paper. Flight confirmation numbers, hotel addresses, directions, etc. That way if my phone dies when I’m traveling I have any vital information I need at the ready. I also keep that information in a smaller purse that’s on me at all times, and that I can pack away in a larger bag if necessary.

How I Stay Healthy

This is a tip that I’ve really started using after traveling with Augustine. To make sure I had a healthy food option for Augustine, I packed him some snacks I knew would keep him full and happy. I’ve realized that when I pack healthy snack options, I’m much less likely to order an overpriced and unhealthy airport option. This works for both adults and kids! I feel like the holidays are filled with lots of indulgent foods already, so I try to choose healthier options when I’m able to. Plus, that box of cookies at the airport probably won’t be as good as the homemade ones your mom makes!

How I Deal with Delays

Delays happen. They are out of our control, so I really try to not let them get to me. Yes, they can be horrible, but I try to remember that the wait will pass. We’ll get on another flight and be home eventually. Easier said than done, but I do try to keep some perspective in order to help stay calm. I hope these holiday travel tips help too!

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Gift Guide: For the World Traveler

Speaking of traveling, we all have that person in our life who loves to travel. Well, most of us love it, but some lucky people hit the road more often than others! I wanted to round up some really perfect holiday gifts for your favorite globetrotter. To start I threw in a hooded trench coat, because a rainproof coat with a hood seems like the perfect travel jacket. Plus trench coats are so chic! If you’re looking for a bigger gift, a nice piece of luggage will always be appreciated. Splurge on a vintage inspired piece like this duffel to add a little glam to their long layovers. Another luxurious gift for the experienced traveler is a beautifully made travel journal or a good pair of wireless headphones.

You could also try to solve some of their biggest travel problems. This mini straightening iron is the right voltage to use outside of the U.S. {aka it won’t explode when you turn it on!}. A travel sized pack of laundry fixings would help for the gal who jets off for weeks at a time. And these cashmere gloves can be worn while using a cell phone which is ideal for taking lots of pictures while visiting somewhere chilly.

For stocking stuffers, how fun is this travel cocktail making kit? I know I’ve shared these in the past, but this version is even better thanks to an addition of bourbon flavored gummy bears. A perfect gift for the nervous flyer lol! You could also help them pass the time on their next flight by stuffing their stocking with these funny playing cards.

P.S. For even more holiday gift ideas, click here!


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