A Commitment to Allyship

June 6, 2020


A commitment to allyship during this pivotal time - M Loves M @marmar

Hi friends, I know things have been pretty heavy this past week. Despite this heaviness, I am in awe in the way the country, and even the world, has come together. I am also so thankful to have the opportunity to educate myself, by listening, reading, communicating, and participating. This is why I wanted to create a list of amazing brands and businesses owned by people of color, as well as authors and influencers. One very small thing we can do in our commitment to allyship is to support these businesses as best we can. I feel very honored to have this platform to share with you and I hope you enjoy this post!

A Commitment to Allyship

During times like this, it can be hard to know what to do to help. I am pleasantly surprised that social media really has become a great tool in promoting awareness and resources. I’ve especially appreciated how much support I’ve seen for Black-owned businesses! Whether it be going to these restaurants, purchasing online products, or even just following them in an act of support, supporting these businesses is a great step in solidifying our allyship. I recognize that this is just one of many ways to show support and is a small part of the work we all need to do. Nonetheless, here are some of the amazing brands, businesses, and people I’m looking forward to supporting!

Now is the time to support black-owned brands and businesses- M Loves M @marmarImage Source: ASE Naturals

ASE Naturals: This all natural, vegan skincare brand looks sooo amazing! Featured in Vogue and Marie Claire, ASE also offers herbal teas and baths in addition to their skincare.

The Honey Pot Co.: Honey Pot is the first complete feminine care system that is completely natural! Made by women for women, founder Bea Dixon created the brand after suffering from feminine health issues herself. Not to mention their packaging is so cute!

Undefined Beauty: Another AMAZING natural skincare brand! Undefined Beauty is all about changing the narratives and challenging the norms, with products that are vegan, non-toxic, cruelty free, and eco-friendly!

A commitment to allyship during this time - M Loves M @marmar

Image Source: Valerie Madison Jewelry

Valerie Madison Jewelry: Valerie Madison Jewelry is so so gorgeous! Not only does she have stunning pieces, but she also does wedding and engagement bands, and even custom designs!

Elaine Welteroth: Elaine is the author of New York Times bestseller “More Than Enough”, a book about the struggles she faced as a barrier-breaker and the lessons she has learned throughout her journey. She is also a journalist and was the second Black editor in chief at Conde Nast Publications in their 107 year history! WOW!

Foxie Cosmetics: A vegan and handcrafted beauty brand! Founder Kayla Phillips founded the brand after dealing with pain from chronic illness, and she is a writer and activist who prioritizes using her voice for causes she’s passionate about.

The Lip Bar: The Lip Bar has all of your makeup needs!! The company was launched in response to the media telling women that beauty looked a certain way. The Lip Bar is all about changing the way people think about beauty, and making healthy products, which I absolutely love!

Support black-owned businesses during this time!- M Loves M @marmarImage Source: Pur Home

Pur Home: Guys, Pur Home products seriously look SO amazing! They strive to make household cleaning products as pure as they can be, safe, and non-toxic. I’m all about clean products!!

McBride Sisters: These sisters have the craziest story! For half of their lives they didn’t know the other one existed, being raised across the world from each other. When they finally found each other, they quickly discovered they shared a passion for wine after being raised in wine regions! How cool and crazy is that?!

Danielle Coke: Also known as @ohhappydani on Instagram, she creates encouraging faith cards and actively uses her platform to promote justice. She seems so sweet and I love her positivity.

Nubian Skin: Acknowledging how difficult it can be to find products in the right nude for people of color, Nubian Skin was created as a lingerie and hosiery brand for women of color!

A commitment to allyship during this time- M Loves M @marmarImage Source: The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life: These head wraps are so so adorable. With a range of different colors and patterns, this brand even has head wrap tutorials!

Golde: Superfood-boosted health and beauty products? Sign me up!! Their products seriously look sooo good, with healthy latte mixes, mask kits, and so much more!

Laguna Candles: A local store!! These hand poured and hand crafted candles are sustainable, pesticide-free, and come in such great scents.

The Fuel Shack: The Fuel Shack is a breakfast place in San Clemente that looks absolutely delicious!! Their mission is to provide food that fuels the body, mind, and soul. We love weekend breakfasts by the beach, so visiting this spot is on our to-do list!

Mr. Cory’s Cookies: The cookies here look so delicious!! Not only can they be delivered right to your door, but they’re also donating 10% of every sale to COVID-19 relief.

Cloud 9 Bakers: A gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, non GMO, organic bakery!! Located in San Juan Capistrano, if you’re in the Orange Country area and have some dietary restrictions this sounds like the place to go!!

Allyship is so important during this time! - M Loves M @marmarImage Source: My 2 Cents LA

My 2 Cents LA: I mean, c’mon, look at that waffle!! A small, hip eatery in Los Angeles that offers a variety of options!

Bloom and Plume Coffee: Another LA eatery! Featuring all your coffee needs and breakfast items!

Black Girl Sunscreen: This brand was created due to the lack of sunscreen made specifically for women of color. They believed it was time to create a natural, non-white residue sunscreen for melanin women and luckily they stepped in to solve that problem!

Little Muffin Cakes: Little Muffin Cakes is an adorable baby boutique! They were established to create high quality products that reflect the diversity of children, even including relatable imagery in their various products for a wider range of representation.

Support black-owned businesses and brands during this time!- M Loves M @marmarImage Source: Jourdana Phillips

Jourdana Phillips: Fashion influencer, model, and activist, Jourdana has such a chic and elegant style!

C Dobbs Boutique: A high fashion boutique located in Orange County. They offer unique and specialty items for both men and women! Can’t wait to go in once things open back up again.

Red Bay Coffee: Red Bay coffee is not only committed to high quality coffee, but also to diversity, inclusion, sustainability, economic restoration, and more! They’re really involved and care about the community, which I think is so amazing. I ordered their East Fourteenth Beans and I can’t wait to get them!

What are you doing to commit to allyship? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! I am a student during this process and know I may make mistakes or say the wrong thing, but I’m committed to making personal progress as we fight racism together. I hope that everyone understands my heart is in a kind and loving place.

Next week, I have a great post planned from an Associate Director at a nonprofit that supports social justice and diversity in the educational sector. She’s been such an amazing resource during this time!


As Jesus said,And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”  Mark 12:30-31

main image sources: Editour Media, Tarn Ellis, Shanée Benjamin, and Art by Alaaa