my Shopbop Sale picks

April 12, 2022


In love with casual and comfortable weekend styles

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! We’re finishing up Augustine’s last day of school today. We are homeschooling but meet with our community once a week so now we have a break from meeting until fall. So hard to believe!!

I’ve had spring and summer on the brain because Idaho has been hit with some crazy April weather. It’s been off and on snowing the last week and is supposed to continue through this week as well. Today we woke up and it looked just like it did on Christmas morning with white snow covering our whole backyard, as well as all the cars and rooftops! Thankfully we’re planning a trip down to Southern California in a few weeks and possibly another beach vacation next month. I always look forward to the Shopbop Spring Sale because they include so many of my favorite go-to’s in the sale. If you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe with items you’ll reach for for years to come, keep reading! Sharing some of the items I own on sale (and have had for 2+ years at least!), and other cute pieces I’ve had my eye on. Would love to know if you pick up anything, or if you’ve been looking for something in particular!

One of my brands I always have my eye on is SEA. The price point has always been a little bit of a deterrent but I always click on their items because they are STUNNING! With the sale, you would definitely be saving. I love this gorgeous printed blouse or if you’re a white blouse hoarder like me, how perfect is this one?

Another brand with gorgeous dresses (that are slightly more affordable) is En Saison. I’ve had my eye on this eyelet midi dress and this floral dress, which could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And this pink dress from the brand is stunning too! Although I also love it in black. Which color would you pick??

This pair of sunglasses is one I wear ALL the time and I’ve wanted to get this colorway for the past year but it always sells out. I still love tortoise sunglasses, like this pair, but there’s something about a color change that feels so refreshing.

If you’ve followed my blog for the past several summers you will recognize this straw hat that I’ve worn to death. It’s a favorite and it really is the hat that made me actually feel like I could pull off hats. If hats are intimidating for you, please give this one a try! I really don’t think you’ll regret it. It is so versatile and I think it looks good on everyone!! I’m always looking for a new hat to work into my rotation and right now I’m considering this boater hat by a brand I hear many people love. What do you think? Another hat I have and love is this brown one. It’s my favorite in fall but it works in spring too! Definitely get it on sale when you can!

Longer shorts are harder to find these days but this pair is a gem! I love that they’re not distressed making them really classic. I also love this denim pair that’s not distressed but has the frayed hem and the slightly wider, more modern cut. You can’t go wrong with either!

Speaking of denim, jeans are a great thing to grab on sale too. I love this brand because of how well the jeans fit and hold up. This pair is a classic. I own these jeans as well and have loved them as an everyday go-to!

Now let’s chat shoes, shall we? If you’re a loafer girl, I love this style, and they can even be worn as slip ons too. The color is the best neutral and it really works with anything. Same goes with this cute pair of braided clogs. Anyone else love clogs? Or am I alone with that one?? If any of you are attending a spring/summer wedding, these gold sandal heels are my top pick! I have friends who have and love them and they really look so cute with dresses and even jeans!

I’ve been on the hunt for cute and chunky gold hoops and these are perfect! I especially love the price point, which could be a good gift option for a friend too!

Here are the details of the Shopbop The Style Event Sale:

15% off $200+, 20% off $500, 25% off $800. Use code STYLE

I hope you have fun looking  through the Shopbop sale like I did (and dreaming of warmer weather!) Have a wonderful week!



photo by Vanessa Lentine

hat & bag in the sale too!