Preparing for Colder Weather

October 5, 2021

Hi friends! Fall is officially here and I thought today I’d share some of the things I’m needing (and wanting) to add to my wardrobe. After our first Idaho fall and winter, I think I have a better idea of what to expect and also what I need. I’ve been doing some online shopping the past week so I was like, why not share here with all of you? Maybe you’re preparing for colder weather too and looking for some fall essentials of your own.

First up on my shopping list, is a lightweight puffer jacket. When we moved here I had one long jacket, which definitely came in handy, but I really felt myself needing something for the daily walks and park outings when it was under 50 degrees. Ideally, something shorter since I’m quite busy with getting the kids in and out of car seats. While my long jacket is perfect for colder and snowier weather, something short will be utilized much more often I think. This puffer comes in a bunch of cute colors, although I’m going to just go with the black. Basic but practical!

I did get this quilted cotton jacket last month that I’ve been loving. It’s a great casual jacket that does keep me warm, although I’ll have to put it to the test when we’re in the 40s/50s. I sized up but I’d recommend getting your true size. The quilted style is super comfortable and I feel like the brown color goes with everything.

Another thing I’m wanting is a pair of casual boots that are water-resistant and that I don’t mind getting a little dirty. I saw these Chelsea-inspired boots and loved the lug sole, which is actually a big fall trend. It seems like the boot to wear when you just gotta get stuff done. Better than sneakers, and more practical than an over-the-knee boot. What do you think? I feel like they’d even be cute and very 90s with a dress! Most likely, I’ll be wearing these for our park days and nature field trips.

A classic bean boot is such a wardrobe staple. These are an investment but you’d wear them for years (mine had held up incredibly well!). I love the soft leather and the plush lining. Think everything from pumpkin picking to Christmas tree chopping boots.

If you’re also looking for a pair of thick cozy socks, these ones are amazing! I love that they’re made with merino wool. Perfect comfy socks to tuck into boots or wear while snuggled on the couch by the glowing fire. Ah, so ready for that!

You all probably know my love for this hat. It’s really the first hat that I fell in love with. I’ve worn it for the past 5 summers constantly! Well, I was so thrilled to find out that there’s a wool version of my favorite hat! So perfect for fall and winter right? And I love the tonal ribbon on it. (BTW don’t mind the reviews – they’re all mainly saying that the product image was incorrect but they’re since updated it)

One of my favorite sweaters is this pretty oatmeal gray shade, and it really needs to be retired. I found this gorgeous sweater online and loved the oversized cut. Plus the price is always so good for their quality- it’s made with alpaca wool! I’m thinking this sweater would be a regular staple in my fall and winter wardrobe (and probably spring too!). It comes in other pretty colors as well. I’m deciding between the almond and the warm taupe, although leaning more toward the almond.

I hope this post is helpful for any of you preparing for colder weather and looking for fall/winter clothing to add to your wardrobe this season! Anything you’re searching for in particular? Let me know! I would love to help if I can!





Touches of Fall Florals – Interior Edition

September 28, 2021

love these walmart kitchen items! They're such good quality too! - M Loves M @marmar

Fall is my favorite season but I feel like I wasn’t able to enjoy it quite as much in California. Maybe because we had some 90-100 degree days that felt more like summer than autumn. It’s been so fun to be in our new house this year and welcome in the new seasons. As the weather has been cooling down, I’ve been finding ways to make our house feel more cozy and warm and that’s included adding some touches of fall florals. I picked up some cute kitchen updates the other week that have made me happy every time I start to prep a meal. The rich floral prints are gorgeous for fall, but honestly, they would be perfect all year long. I’ve never been able to resist a floral print, even when it comes to home items. If you’re looking to add touches of fall florals to your home, I got you covered!

love these walmart kitchen items! They're such good quality too! - M Loves M @marmar making tea in the kitchen - M Loves M @marmar

I’m typically a coffee girl, but when the weather cools down a lot I can’t resist an afternoon cup of tea. Our method for boiling tea has been using a pasta pot, so I was so happy to upgrade to a proper kettle. I love how gorgeous this one looks even when it’s not in use. It goes perfectly with this little tea bag rest, too! (Under $3 – couldn’t resist!)kitchen decor styling with pieces from Walmart - M Loves M @marmar want to know a simple kitchen upgrade? try replacing your paper towel holder! - M Loves M @marmar

Another little update that we’ve appreciated in our kitchen has been this paper towel holder. It just looks a lot more classy than a roll sitting on our countertop – although that is the way we’ve done it for the past 10 years so no judgment here! We also got this kitchen crock which is the sweetest edition to our countertop! It’s the perfect spot to corral all the wooden spoons.

adding a touch of florals in the kitchen - M Loves M @marmar isn't this the cutest tea kettle?! Looks so cute on our stovetop - M Loves M @marmar fall florals home edition with the cutest pieces from a surprising retailer - M Loves M @marmar floral measuring cups! Didn't know how much I needed this - M Loves M @marmar love this pioneer woman collaboration at walmart- M Loves M @marmar floral kitchen bowls that are perfect for breakfast or prep work - M Loves M @marmar the cutest egg holder with a floral design - M Loves M @marmar affordable kitchen ware that is so cute! - M Loves M @marmar

the pioneer woman collaboration with walmart is too good - M Loves M @marmar


The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart is so lovely and I love what a difference the floral prints make in the kitchen. I feel like they add some depth that our kitchen was missing. Also, the free 2 day shipping and returns for purchases over $35 makes it even easier to update your kitchen quickly. 


If you’re looking to add some touches of fall florals to your kitchen, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below! 



DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Walmart for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors!

Setting up for Happy Hour with a Secret Tip

September 1, 2021

setting up for an outdoor happy hour in san diego and sharing a tip for buying groceries and making your life easier- M Loves M @marmar

Our time in San Diego is coming quickly to a close and I know I will miss the sunny beach days followed by the brisk evenings. It’s been so nice to have this chance to recharge and soak up lots of family and friend time. Our trips these days feel a bit different with children but Matthew and I have been finding special ways to connect as we used to on our solo couple vacations. A happy little change has been that we’ve been able to stay on Boise time and get the little ones down to bed earlier than usual. With shorter naps at the beach, this has allowed Matthew and I to have our own evening happy hours just the two of us on our patio. It feels special in its own way and even though the children aren’t more than 50 feet away, we feel like it’s just us. Our favorite membership has been such a help to us this trip as well because we’ve been able to get whatever we need when we need it. For planning this backyard happy hour I was able to get free same-day delivery* on fresh groceries for our Caprese salad, plus a loaf of bread and other goodies! (*$35 minimum. Restrictions apply)

my trick for putting together a last minute happy hour - M Loves M @marmar a life hack for buying groceries - M Loves M @marmar setting up for an outdoor happy hour in san diego - M Loves M @marmar

Walmart+ is such an amazing membership and with free same-day delivery it really comes in handy! Our beach apartment has very little parking so going out during the evening hours is practically impossible. While take-out is great, we’ve been trying to still cook a bunch so having access to fresh groceries has been amazing. I didn’t realize how helpful this membership would be when we got it, but it’s been more than worth it, especially on this trip.

spinach salad with apples and parmesan - M Loves M @marmar san diego vacation - M Loves M @marmar a simple happy hour set up - M Loves M @marmar vacation in san diego. pretty fall floral dress. similar to reformation but for less - M Loves M @marmar

It’s incredibly easy and convenient to order too. I can use my Walmart+ account from the Walmart app to order groceries in just 10 minutes. Everything arrives fresh and knowing this frees me up to do other things is the best feeling! There are also no markups on items, so you’re getting the same prices as in-store, without any hidden fees.

happy hour made easier with walmart+ - M Loves M @marmar fall floral dress for an evening happy hour - M Loves M @marmar caprese salad, spinach salad with parmesan and apple, and baguette- M Loves M @marmar

With fall around the corner I know we have a lot going on, so take a peek at the membership to see how it can help bring value to your day/week. If you can cut out those grocery runs to spend more time with family and friends, I think it’s so worth it! How often have you had a situation where you’ve unexpectedly run out of a certain grocery item (like milk/butter!) and don’t want to run out to get it? Or you are scrambling to put together a last-minute dinner party? Walmart+ has made our lives much easier, all while saving time (and money!) in the process.


DISCLOSURE: Thank you so much to Walmart for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are completely my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors!

FYI Free delivery from your store has a $35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.


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