Easy Halloween Costume Inspiration For Kids

October 23, 2020


Easy halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is coming up so soon {how?!} and I want to make sure our kids enjoy the holiday, even if it’s at home. I want to do something fun for them, while keeping the costumes easy and affordable. I found so many cute and creative halloween costume inspiration for kids that you can easily create with the items in your closet! I hope this post gives you a few ideas. Would love to know what your Halloween plans are, if you’re celebrating.

Donut costumes for girls

Donut Costume

Halloween costume inspiration

Elmo Costume

Lumberjack costume for boys

Lumberjack Costume

Super cute madeline halloween costume inspiration

Madeline Costume

Rain costume for kids

Rain Costume

Halloween costume inspiration as a scarecrow

Scarecrow Costume

Super cute sports costume ideas

Sports Girl Costume

Easy Halloween Costume Inspiration For Kids

One Halloween costume idea I really love is the tiny lumberjacks. Most little kids already have a pair of cute denim overalls so all that is needed is a beanie and a flannel shirt which you can find really easily. This plaid flannel is a classic and perfect for the lumberjack costume, plus fall/winter weather. Your kid can throw on any beanie they have, like this ribbed beanie. This flannel and beanie will keep the kid so warm and cozy, too! You can use almost any pair of pants, these brown stretch joggers would complete the costume.

Another super easy costume that your kid can wear for halloween is a scarecrow costume! It is very similar to the lumberjack costume idea because they basically require the same clothing items: overalls, a plaid shirt, and boots. This plaid button-up shirt would work so well for a scarecrow costum, along with these classic denim overalls. These boots would also look great for this halloween look and they will be used almost all year round.

For girls, I think the Madeline costume idea is super adorable. All you really need is red ribbon and a straw hat. Most kids already have white tights and black strappy flats so they are almost there! You can find red ribbon at most stores, or if you’re like me, you might have a ribbon box with saved ribbons for birthdays/holidays. Luckily straw hats have become more popular so it won’t be too hard to find one for your kiddo.

What are your Halloween plans this year? Let me know! BTW, you can check out all our older Halloween costumes here!


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