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Easy Halloween Costume Inspiration For Kids

October 23, 2020

Easy halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is coming up so soon {how?!} and I want to make sure our kids enjoy the holiday, even if it’s at home. I want to do something fun for them, while keeping the costumes easy and affordable. I found so many cute and creative halloween costume inspiration for kids that you can easily create with the items in your closet! I hope this post gives you a few ideas. Would love to know what your Halloween plans are, if you’re celebrating.


Our Family of Four Halloween Costume

October 25, 2019

Easy family of four Halloween costume! - M Loves M @marmar

Halloween is next week and Augustine is so excited about our costumes! He’s been asking to be Daniel Tiger for months and since everything came in the mail {so happy I didn’t procrastinate!}, I thought we’d dress up early 1. to make sure everything fit, 2. to have fun at Augustine’s request, and 3. to maybe give you a little last-minute inspiration! When trying to think of a family of four Halloween costume, we kept going back to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood since it’s Augustine’s favorite {and only!} show that he watches. Plus, it’s perfect that the Tiger family has a baby sister! This was an incredibly easy Halloween costume idea because we only needed a few key pieces to make it work: a red zip-up sweatshirt for Augustine, a blue one for Matthew, a yellow dress and headband for Corinna, and a pink Hawaiian shirt for me. How did we do??


Our Three Person Family Halloween Costume

October 31, 2018

Check out our family of three Halloween costume! - M Loves M @marmar

I am so happy with how our family Halloween costume turned out this year! It’s tricky finding one that works for just three people, but I think this year’s results were super cute! Although it’s pretty hard to top our group costume from last year in my opinion. I can’t wait until there is four of us next year and we can get even more creative with our costumes! Well five, if you count Ginger, which of course we do!

This year’s family Halloween costume was driven completely by Augustine! Augustine has been obsessed with farm animals lately and he loves pigs especially. He’ll walk around snorting like a little piggy! It’s the cutest thing. When we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he started snorting. lol! I gave him a few costume ideas {a sheep and a cow- two of his other favorites}, but he picked the little piggy which was perfect! Luckily, I didn’t have to buy anything new for my costume so I was able to use items in my closet. Matthew had to buy overalls but I have a feeling he’ll put them to use!