Our Evening Gender Reveal Party

October 22, 2018

Evening Gender Reveal Party Idea - M Loves M @marmar

I am SO excited to share today’s post with you all! I’ve been dying to share our gender reveal with you all, and I’ll talk more about my delay with sharing down below. It’s kind of a funny story and I’m curious if any of you moms can relate!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family and finding out this news was such a great surprise! Do you think we’re having a girl or a boy? Make your guesses now before reading, and then share with me in the comments! I’m curious what you thought!

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Our Evening Gender Reveal Party

Many of you might remember that we decided to keep Augustine’s gender a surprise until birth. While on one hand, I am SUCH a planner, I also LOVE surprises! Matthew agreed to a surprise the first time as long as we’d find out with the second. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I almost wanted to convince him to wait again. I knew I would be so happy with either a boy or a girl. A boy would mean a little brother/BFF for Augustine and a girl would be so special, especially for me since it’s always been a dream to have a girl. However, I did think it would be nice to know this time around and also get Augustine prepared for what’s to come. A sibling is a big transition and if he could understand little brother or sister I thought that would be helpful for him.

Because I still love surprises, we decided to do a gender reveal. I felt like a gender reveal would be a way to still get that surprise element in! Lish Bradbury of LISHERBEVENTS helped with come up with this genius evening gender reveal party concept. She thought it would be fun to have blue and pink orbs and then we’d do a countdown to turn one color on or the other. Angeal of newfoodtuesdayz made the most delicious cakes and cookies {she knows I’m a chocolate chip cookie monster!}, and they matched the plates and napkins from Harlow & Grey perfectly! The navy and rose gold color concept felt perfect for an evening reveal, especially during the fall!

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Ok, and now for the gender reveal!


We’re having a ….

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Ah! I still can’t believe it! While I thought we were having a girl earlier in pregnancy I started to really think we were having a boy, especially because I felt the same as I did during my pregnancy with Augustine. Everyone also was guessing girl so I started to think it would definitely be a boy. Needless to say, I was shocked, and so was Matthew! We are so excited though for this sweet little girl to join our family and I know Augustine will be the best big brother. He absolutely adores his cousin Scarlett who is one year younger than him, so I know he’ll love having a little sister. I can already see him being so sweet and protective with her! It was so fun to find out through a gender reveal party and now I can totally start planning. The one bad thing about knowing the gender beforehand though is that it can be so easy to go crazy! I want to buy ALL the cute girl clothes (and there are so many!). If you’re a girl mom, let me know your favorite shops below. I would love to check them out!

And the reason we waited to announce officially was because I wasn’t totally convinced! haha! The sheet of paper just said “girl” on it and I was expecting a photo with proof or something. I had to request images from the ultrasound lab and when we got them back I still couldn’t tell! I was like maybe it’s just hiding haha! So I showed my midwife who confirmed girl with me. While I’m definitely looking forward to the next ultrasound where I can really have them point it out, I’m going to take their word for it! Were any of you not totally convinced until you saw proof?

Mara Ferreira's Gender Reveal for Baby Number Two- M Loves M @marmar M Loves M Nighttime Gender Reveal with Lights - M Loves M @marmar M Loves M nighttime gender reveal - @marmar Ginger from M Loves M at Gender Reveal Party colorful orbs for a fun and unique gender reveal party - M Loves M @marmar a fun party idea with colorful light-up orbs - M Loves M @marmar a unique nighttime gender reveal - M Loves M @marmar

I hope you enjoyed these photos from our evening gender reveal party! I am so so happy to finally share the news with you all! If you have time, leave me a comment with 1. your original boy/girl thoughts, 2. any cute girl baby shops, and 3. any stories about not believing the news! I would love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading everyone and have a great Monday! If you missed any of my recent pregnancy posts make sure to check out my 20 week pregnancy update, all about my first trimester, and of course the original post where we broke the happy news! Ah I still can’t believe we’ll have a little girl joining us next March! She’ll be here before we know it!!


Photography: Priscilla Frey


Desserts and Mocktails: newfoodtuesdayz

Flowers: The Flower Stand in Laguna Beach

Paper Plates/Cups/Napkins: Harlow and Grey

Sign: Darla Marie Designs