Taking a Break in San Diego

October 5, 2020

taking a break in San Diego - M Loves M @marmar

Taking a Break in San Diego

People say moving is one of the major stresses of life, and I have to agree. It’s a draining process both physically and mentally. Matthew and I {and mostly Matthew!} have been incredibly busy the last few weeks as we’ve packed up our house to move out. We are figuring out all the next steps but for now, our things are in storage and we’re staying in a short-term rental. This year has done a number on us and has forced us to rethink some things and make a few changes. Moving has been something on our hearts for a while and after a lot of prayer and talks with family and friends, we knew it was the right thing for our family. For now, we’ll be in sunny San Diego, taking a break by the beach for a much-needed reset. I’m excited to have a bit of a change of scenery and I’m excited to share more with you all over the next few months.

When it came to thinking about what to bring to San Diego, I was pretty much drawn to an easy, neutral capsule wardrobe. Having a plain-colored top like this neutral v neck sweater makes packing my clothes so much simpler. Since we’re in a rental, I wanted to make sure I didn’t overpack. That is always a tough one for me! Items like that sweater and these high waisted jeans help me save a lot of space in my luggage. You can pair neutral clothing items with literally anything, they are so essential and convenient. One of my favorite pairs of shoes to always have around me are some neutral slides like these criss-cross sandal slides that you can match with anything in your closet or luggage! The most amazing thing about having neutral items of clothing is that you can create multiple looks with the same item.

You may have seen me wear certain items a few times over again in my posts. This is because they can be styled in many different ways without being boring! My go-to bag is this transport tote with me because it can hold a lot of things. This tote makes it easy to carry all of my essentials wherever I go. I also adore these wedgie high waisted jeans that I wear a lot. They are honestly one of the most comfortable jeans I’ve owned {after you break them in with a few wears!} and go with everything in my closet. I also highly recommend having a pair of plain white sneakers, like these Nike blazer low sneakers I always have with me. These are absolute must-haves, so of course I brought those with me!!


What are your tips for packing lightly?