My Deals

Passing along some exclusive deals for my readers!


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Azure Standard- So many great savings! It’s like a mostly organic Costco without the membership fees! Use MaraFerreira1 at checkout



Perfect Supplements- 10% off with code MARA10– I take their Dessicated Beef Liver daily. Also love their Gelatin, Mushroom Immunity, Acerola Powder, Spirulina, and Multi-Organ Pills)

Modere- Get $10 off my favorite liquid collagen Liquid BioCell Life (love Immune in the wintertime)

Mitolife – 10% off (I love the Vitamin E, Shilajit, Purely K, and I’m waiting for the MAG-ATP to be back in stock)

Smidge- 10% off (Their Morning and Evening Magnesium is great!)



Audwell- $30 off the Goldie Chair with code MARAFERREIRA

Ellie and Layne- Get 10% off with code MARA10

Nini and Co Pacifiers- MARAF10



GIGI Pip– Use code MARA15 for 15% off

Christy Dawn- 15% off with code 15MARA– the most beautiful pieces and an amazing sustainable mission!

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