Tips for Making a Cheese Board

December 16, 2020


tips for putting together a holiday cheese board - M Loves M @marmar

I recently posted an Instagram Reel on my page (link to it here) showing how I made this cheese board. It was the perfect surprise for the kids to come down to after naptime, and Matthew and I loved it too. Putting together a holiday cheese board is one of my favorite things, mainly because I love cheese, but I also love to experiment with different combinations. My cousins sent me some Point Reyes Cheese and it’s hands down my favorite (just slightly biased!). Here are some cheese board tips I always rely on:

Tips for Making a Cheese Board

  1. Choose 3-4 cheeses, ranging from mild to bold. I picked Toma (a semi-hard table cheese that’s creamy and buttery…our go to!), the Aged Gouda (creamy but slightly crystallized with pops of complex flavor…like candy!), Original Blue (classic style blue cheese that’s made in the French style so super creamy with a medium-strong blue flavor), and Quinta (soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese that’s wrapped in a piece of spruce bark with a Bay Laurel leaf on top)
  2. Choose an array of accompaniments that will enhance the cheese or give a bit of a palate cleanser. I always like to throw in something unexpected (can you guess which one that is??). Some go-tos include dried fruits like figs, pears, fresh fruits like slices of persimmon, grapes, spiced pecans, Marcona almonds, olives, honey, and some chocolate.
  3. Help guests out by slicing some of the cheese beforehand. For Toma, little triangles are perfect, and the Aged Gouda is delicious in tiny chunks like butterscotch where you can really taste the crystallized proteins.
  4. Timing is everything! Plan for 30-1 hour for the cheeses to sit out, depending on how cool or warm the room is.


a delicious holiday cheese board with Point Reyes Cheese - M Loves M @marmar

I hope that these tips helped! All you really need is a cutting board, a few cheeses, and any snacks you have on hand. Just have fun with it! If you’re wanting to step up your cheese board game, I found some cute items online.



Would any of you be interested in a live stream on Instagram where we put a cheese board together? I was thinking I could set something up with Point Reyes and maybe get a discount for a set of cheeses. Let me know! P.S. My dress is from d.Ra clothing!