August Edit: Holiday Gifts on Sale

August 19, 2020

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August Edit: Holiday Gifts on Sale

Alright I know it seems a bit too early to be to be shopping for holiday gifts, but hear me out! Every year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I like to pick up a few holiday gifts. There’s a few reasons why. For starters, Nordstrom is super good about returns, so I can ask for gift receipts and know that if the recipient wants to exchange my gift they can do so without hassle. It sounds harsh to expect people to return gifts, but being able to is especially important if you’re giving someone clothing or home goods that may not fit or work with their home. These cute pjs are a great example! They sell out super quickly during the sale every year and who doesn’t love getting a fresh set of pajamas during the holidays? But of course if they don’t fit, they’ll need to be exchanged!

I really like stocking up on sets during this sale because they can be split up into great mini holiday gifts. Diptyque candles are normally such a splurge but for around $50 you could split up this set and gift five girlfriends, neighbors, or co-workers a candle in a little gift bag with cookies or other fun holiday items. So affordable, but still feels really special! The same theory applies for beauty sets, like this fun lipstick duo or this perfume set.

Overall, I think it’s really worth looking through the sale to see if anything catches your eyes for potential gifts. You’ll be so happy when the holidays roll around and you already have a jumpstart! This mixology set is perfect for the loved one who misses going out to try new craft cocktails on the weekends. And these super pretty and timeless earrings are a safe bet for almost any lady in your life! This electric kettle is so chic and everyone is obsessed with Smeg appliances right now, so it’s sure to a crowd-pleaser during the chilly winter months!


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