Why I’m Loving Woven Accessories

August 21, 2020


I am loving woven accessories for summer! - M Loves M @marmar

So you’ve probably noticed something about me lately…I am just crazy about woven accessories! I am so in love with these fun summery items, that I’m planning on incorporating them into my outfits all year round! Keep reading to find out why, plus a bunch of my favorites!

I am loving woven accessories for summer! - M Loves M @marmar I am loving woven accessories for summer! - M Loves M @marmar

outfit detailsI am loving woven accessories for summer! - M Loves M @marmar

outfit detailsThese woven straw flats are so cute and comfy!- M Loves M @marmar

outfit detailsThe perfect summer straw hat! - M Loves M @marmar These woven espadrille wedges are too cute! - M Loves M @marmar

outfit detailsThis is my go-to summer straw hat!! - M Loves M @marmar

outfit details

Why I’m Loving Woven Accessories


While we typically associate woven accessories with summertime, I think they can transition to fall really well! Especially when paired with dark colors {see my black and tan outfit above!}. The wonderful thing about woven accessories is that they match almost everything. You could wear a super colorful dress and pair it with a classic woven hat or bag. Don’t believe me? Check out this frayed straw boater hat and imagine pairing that with one of your outfits in your closet. Straw hats, like this sun hat, look so adorable with a sundress and any other summer item.

Now if you are into matching your outfits, you could totally pair an accessory like this woven hat with a sandal and even a bag. This woven sandal is perfect for beach outings, they’re so easy to slip on and off while being comfortable. Sandals like this other beautiful woven slide can be paired with almost anything. Since these accessories are all neutral colors, they are able to go with anything that you already have in your closet.

Woven and straw bags are so convenient because they are big enough to carry all of the essentials but small enough to hold when going out. If you like to carry a smaller bag, this mini straw tote bag is the most adorable mini bag I have ever seen and it is the perfect size when you don’t need to carry a lot. It can go with any outfit because its color can match anything. If you’ve been going on picnics lately, which many of us have been doing due to quarantine, these bags like this plaid woven tote are absolutely perfect for outings like those.

These woven accessories are such a fun way to do a neutral look while adding some pop into your outfits. You could even style and layer your casual dress with this macrame belt which will make your look so unique. To make your look stand out even more, add these stunning woven hoop earrings that will definitely compliment your outfit.


Will your woven accessories be sticking around for fall?