Our Back to School Schedule

August 31, 2020


I'm sharing our back to school schedule! - M Loves M @marmarCan I tell you, I’m having the hardest time with this little guy almost being 4! While his birth seems like a long time ago, it also feels like not that long ago. Does that make sense? I guess that’s the funny thing with time. I have been absolutely cherishing our days together and I truly believe it’s just gotten better and better. Augustine is sweet, helpful, funny, kind, and SO SMART! We have started homeschooling for preschool and it’s been an enormous blessing to be a part of this journey with him. I love teaching and helping him, but watching his curiosity and wonder unfold has been incredible. I’ll admit it’s slightly more challenging with our busy Corinna toddling around, but we’ve started a great schedule of incorporating his preschool work during the day. I know I mentioned a little bit about what we’re doing in this post, but I thought I’d break down what our back to school schedule looks like on a daily basis. I know it will change a bit over the next few months and years, but I’ll share what’s working for us so far. Plus, I have found the cutest Back to School clothing items for kids (boys & girls) that I think you mamas will love!! I mean, how cute is Augustine in this little workout outfit?! Perfect for our adventures, especially with those sunnies!

I'm sharing our back to school schedule! - M Loves M @marmar I'm sharing our back to school schedule! - M Loves M @marmar I'm sharing our back to school schedule! - M Loves M @marmar I found the cutest little boy outfits at Walmart!! - M Loves M @marmar I found the cutest little boy outfits at Walmart!! - M Loves M @marmar I found the cutest little boy outfits at Walmart!! - M Loves M @marmar I found the cutest little boy outfits at Walmart!! - M Loves M @marmar I found the cutest little boy outfits at Walmart!! - M Loves M @marmar

Our Back to School Schedule

Rise and Shine! We are early risers over here so both kids are usually up by 6:30 at the very latest! We get ready for the day and head down for breakfast around 7. While Matthew is cooking breakfast, Augustine and I will read one of his catechism books, like the Jesus Storybook Bible. We’ll count cereal or incorporate math during breakfast time too. After breakfast, there’s free time play while I clean up the kitchen and get organized for the day – usually with a cup of coffee!

Morning- I’ll turn on one of our preschool songs and then we’ll gather together and I’ll start asking some questions and engage them with what we’ve been learning about. Maybe reading a book about one of the animals we’re learning about (this week it’s fish so I’ve loved re-reading this favorite book! Do you remember this from when you were little too??) By the way, if you’re needing some homeschool supplies, there is a ton here!

Mid-Morning– We usually head out for some sunshine and playtime! This is our “P.E.” Augustine loves going on hikes around our neighborhood so we’ll go out together, talking about numbers, colors, and animals. It’s amazing how much you can incorporate learning on a basic walk. We even have deeper conversations about creation that’s fun too!

Lunchtime and Naptime

Afternoon Augustine still takes naps but he’ll often wake up before Corinna so this is a great opportunity for us to have solo learning time. Depending on his mood, we’ll snuggle on the couch and read or we’ll get his workbooks out (love this one), and practice his writing and reading. I don’t stress too much about how long he is doing it for, but usually it’s pretty fun for him that he likes to work on it.

When Corinna is awake, we have a dance party with some of our nursery rhymes. Then we might have a scavenger hunt looking for certain colors around the house. Or we’ll play with a big floor puzzle. Augustine loves to puzzle so this is also a great independent play activity for him while I’m changing a diaper or feeding Corinna.

Late Afternoon- This is usually reserved for errands or outside play time. Once things change a bit, I feel like this is when we’ll have playdates with friends.

Evening- While I get dinner together, Augustine will look through some of his books or Matthew will read to him. Augustine loves to tell Matthew everything he’s been learning so that’s a fun way for him to remember and share.

Bedtime- We review some of our health statements, like brushing teeth, washing hands, and then we go over our scripture and catechism before bed. Usually I’ll pick out clothes for the next day too. Matthew and I have been finding so many great clothes for the kids at Walmart. They’ve really been our one-stop Back to School shop because they have so much! It’s really helpful how they have shops specifically for Preschool needs, Elementary School, Middle School and High School. Personally I really appreciate the next day shipping because of how convenient it is. I’m not joking when I say this boy’s feet grow overnight. I think he started summer with a sz 9 and now he’s an 11! Fun fact: kids grow more during the summer than they do in any other season!

I hope this post was helpful for some of you mamas trying to figure out how to incorporate school work in. My best encouragement is to give yourself grace during this process and enjoy this time. These years and this time in their life is sweet but short! I already feel like it’s going by too quickly!

If you’re looking for some Back to School clothing items, I got you covered!

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Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading! If you have any questions for me, please leave them below!


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