The Memories I’ll Miss Most From Our Time In This House

September 28, 2020


I will miss the memories made in this house

As we’re getting ready to move out of this house that we made our home the past 3+ years, I’m filled with so many different feelings. Matthew and I have always had a plan to sell our house this year and while I do feel confident with our decision, it doesn’t change the inevitable feelings of sadness. So much has happened within this space so I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments here. Trying not to cry because these memories will always be in my heart, and I know there are more to come in our new place!

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The Memories I’ll Miss Most From Our Time In This House

From celebrating Augustine’s first birthday here, having a gender reveal with baby #2, bringing Corinna home, celebrating birthdays, baby showers, holidays, renovating our bathrooms, a lot has happened here! This house has been a wonderful home for us and I will always cherish our time here. I’ll miss the views from our bedroom window {all trees and sky}, “front digging” with Augustine’s trucks and sometimes drinking tea together on the bench out front, the sweet neighbors we’ve gotten to know over the years, the walks to “dog alley” with Ginger, the hikes where Augustine and I would look at leaves and avoid the bees’ nest, the afternoons in the little plunge pool, the spot where we’d wave to Matthew as he drove off for work/errands, and so much more. I think what I’ll miss most though is the precious ages the kids were here. Every day they change a little bit more and I know I’ll think back to cute little things they did in this house. Like the faces Augustine would make when the trash trucks came by, or how Corinna would run over and try to pluck tomatoes off the plant. Or the sounds of them running and scootering down the hall inside. I need to hold onto all those memories!

We’re going to be on a bit of an adventure the next few months since we won’t be anywhere permanent yet, but I’m looking forward to being together as a family. I know that no matter where we are, we are home when we’re together. Family is the most amazing gift and I am so grateful that God blessed me with mine!