I Rounded Up The Best Puffer Jackets for Under $200

October 26, 2020


Loving fall fashion

One of the cutest, and most practical, outerwear pieces has to be puffer jackets. These jackets keep you so warm and cozy while still looking stylish. Plus they can double as a pillow on a car/plane ride! I have shown you ways to style up clothes during the fall {click here to read about styling black pants!} and styling puffer jackets are totally effortless as well. I found the best puffer jackets for under $200  (like this one that’s actually under $100!) that I have a feeling you’re for sure going to love!

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I Rounded Up The Best Puffer Jackets for Under $200


jacket . shirt . jeans . bag . shoes . earrings

The jacket I chose to wear for this look is a black puffer jacket and it is perfect! I went with black because it’s so versatile, but there are other colors that are so cute too! One of the things I love most about it is that it literally feels like I was wearing a soft and light pillow around me, plus it’s great at keeping me warm too! I wore it over this short sleeve sweater that looks cute with and without the jacket. Per usual I wore my favorite high-waisted jeans that match with everything and look great with the puffer jacket. For shoes, I kept it simple and clean with these low white sneakers. I know I talk about them all the time, but they really are my go-to white sneakers. Love how they stay white and clean up really easily. Last, but not least, I accessorized with a textured leather tote and some Julie Vos earrings.

I am really loving the look of short or cropped puffer jackets. This padded puff crop jacket would look so adorable with a casual outfit. A white puffer jacket would also give you an amazing look. I honestly like the cropped look more than the regular look because it gives a little edge and style to your outfit. I also love the color of this faux fur jacket, I think it would look so cute with light-colored clothes in your closet. They would look perfect with high waisted jeans or pants like the ones I am wearing!

If you want to stay even warmer, there are a ton of longer puffer jacket options! This belted puffer jacket is guaranteed to keep you super warm on a cold day. I love how it has a belt around it to make sure it snuggles your body. This beige puffer jacket is a bit on the longer side but long coats and jackets are super in style right now. Of course you can always go with the classic puffer jacket that always looks cute. There are so many options to choose from and not all of them are super expensive either!


Do you have any puffer jackets? Curious what color you’ve gone with! I’m already thinking a longer one in another color would be good!


photos by Priscilla Frey