Our Weekend Getaway to Lake Arrowhead

November 16, 2017


Our Weekend Getaway to Lake Arrowhead | M Loves M -@marmarIt already feels like ages ago, but remember when we took a trip to Lake Arrowhead the other week? Matthew and I ended up planning this little getaway after chatting in the car one day about how we were both fed up with our 90 degree heatwave and “remember when we went to Portugal?” We decided to address the need for a little getaway while planning a trip to a cooler weather spot. We couldn’t go far so we ended up on Lake Arrowhead. Can you believe I’ve never been? I know, how is that possible? I grew up in Los Angeles and Arrowhead is just an hour and a half away. You’d think it would be the perfect weekend getaway. Growing up we went to another lake town though that was closer to our family in the Bay Area.

Matthew and I had such a great weekend in Arrowhead and we immediately vowed we’d be back very very soon. I’m so excited that we have a somewhat local spot to take Augustine. Here are some photos and stories from our weekend getaway to Lake Arrowhead, along with some food spots we loved!

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It’s so crazy to think that the last getaway we had was for my birthday in Santa Barbara which was our first family getaway together with Augustine! I think we were so traumatized by how poorly he slept in the hotel that we couldn’t even think about planning another trip. This time though, we decided to rent an Airbnb and it was perfect! There were a few bedrooms, but we still put him in our room in a pack n play. We love this travel-sized one but we decided to bring this full-sized pack n play so it would be extra comfortable for him. He’s not a pro at sleeping on the go just yet so we needed all the help we could get!

I loved that we were able to put him down to sleep, close the door like we would at home, and then enjoy the rest of our night. I still have flashbacks from Santa Barbara trying to get Augustine to fall asleep in the hotel room at 7pm and he was just crying so I ended up nursing him to sleep but then we couldn’t leave the bed. I guess the positive from that situation is that it forced us to go to bed early, extra early!

Besides the separation of rooms, I loved having a kitchen to make breakfasts and a fridge to keep Augustine’s food cold. Plus having the fireplace for roasting s’mores was a huge plus! Airbnb was definitely a way better option than a hotel for us. {By the way if you sign up for Airbnb with that link you should get $40 for your first stay. If you’re curious I would highly recommend it! It’s what we used in Portugal too.}

The lake arrowhead village sign Dad and son go for a walk in Lake Arrowhead Where to go and find fall in California Cute picture of mom and son in Lake Arrowhead

I loved being able to put some of my fall outfits to use. I had to bring this cozy fringe scarf {worn in a post here}. It served as a blanket too! I also got tons of use from these duck boots. They’re from last year so I was able to find them on sale here if you’re interested.

How to dress for fall while on vacation | M Loves M -@marmar Cute little baby in stroller out for a walk The cutest shops in the Lake Arrowhead Village

We found this really cool store called Road Trip in Lake Arrowhead. The shop is in an A-frame cabin and they offer custom framing and sell vintage items, as well as collectibles and home goods. I loved all of their plants and planter baskets too! The styling was very boho and hip. They even had an airstream out front!

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Little guy got his first real bite of pizza on our trip! He was just staring at it and I probably was making him a little jealous!  Sorry bud! We loved Lou Eddie’s and would highly recommend it. I love that you can get your pizza and sit outside on picnic tables amongst the big pine trees. By the way, if you’re wondering how Augustine liked pizza, he loved it. He’s definitely our child!
Cute baby tries pizza for the first time | M Loves M -@marmar Stunning captures of lake arrowhead during the fall The best places to eat in Lake Arrowhead

Speaking of food, we also went to The Lakefront Taproom Bar + Kitchen on Lake Arrowhead. Matthew loved his sandwich but I was not very impressed with my caesar salad. I definitely think I ordered wrong because everything else looked delicious. My salad was just a little sad and blah. Do you ever get order envy? That happened for me!

We also went to Stone Creek Bistro for dinner one night based off of the recommendation of countless people. They all said “make a reservation,” and luckily the 5:15pm time worked perfectly for us. #babylife. I loved the brussels sprouts appetizer. It came with this garlic aoili and it was delish! I also got the clams in a white wine garlic sauce and it was yum!

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Luckily we got a photo of the three of us thanks to a kind stranger. We had to document our first family trip to Arrowhead because I know there will be many many more!

Precious father and son moments


I hope you all enjoyed photos from our weekend getaway to Lake Arrowhead. Have any of you ever been before? I’d love to hear if you have any tips or recommendations. One really nice thing about Arrowhead is that you don’t really need to do much to enjoy it. You can just hang out in the cabin, play cards, roast s’mores and you’ll have a wonderful time! Arrowhead definitely isn’t as big as Tahoe, or even Big Bear for that matter, but it’s quaint size makes it really charming and relaxing. Maybe next time we’ll go to Big Bear though since it’s only 45 min further.


Thanks for stopping by you guys and happy Thursday! Who can believe that Thanksgiving is in ONE WEEK?! I can’t even believe it’s November!


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