The Fall Styles I Want to Buy 

September 4, 2020


I am loving these fall styles

September always feels like a bit of a reset. The lighting changes and even though the temperatures don’t drop that drastically in Southern California, it feels like fall is right on the horizon. I especially love the weather during this season because it is perfect for light layerings. Who doesn’t like sweater weather? Just the setting of having pumpkin scented and flavored things while chilling in comfy clothes brings happiness to my heart. I’ve been searching around for the cutest fall clothes and I discovered some amazing styles that I absolutely adore. I love these items and I hope that you all do too!

Trendy fall styles I love

So excited to buy these fall clothes!

I found these cute items for fall

I am loving the fall style!

The Fall styles I want to buy!

The Fall Styles I Want to Buy

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hat. sweater . tank {under $25!} . jeans {fit is TTS} . bag . shoes . sunglasses

I am all about having the most comfortable clothes all year round, but even more during the fall. When I shop for sweaters, I make sure that the material is nice and soft. That is a must! I found this super cozy cardigan that is the perfect addition to any top or blouse. It is light yet will keep you warm as the weather starts to cool down. I love to wear it over a cute top like this satin camisole, which is under $25! These two items can easily be paired with a nice pair of jeans, and these high waisted straight crop jeans fit perfectly and are true to size.

My absolute favorite part about the fall style are the shoes you pair with it. For early fall sandals are still doable in the OC and I found the CUTEST ones! These slide sandals are one of the best pair of shoes I have in my closet and can be paired with anything which is super convenient. It is hard to find shoes that can be worn with any outfit but these ones do the job! Not only are they so cute and stylish, they are also super comfortable and easy to walk in. Booties, like these brown booties are perfect for fall too. They will keep you warm and are surprisingly super comfortable!

I also found these super adorable AND comfortable sweaters that I want to buy as soon as possible! This plaid poncho cardigan is an amazing addition to your closet and can really upgrade your look. It comes in really cute and neutral colors that can match with so many things in your closet already. The fringe detail along the hem is what makes it so unique and stylish. A great way to create a cute and fast look is simply pairing a sweater with jeans. I found this really cute v-neck sweater (the cedar color is so pretty!) that is perfect for the fall time and can be thrown on with a pair of jeans like these mom jeans. There you go! A cute and comfy fall outfit that takes no effort.

If you’re looking to dress up some more but don’t know how to in this season, I recommend wearing a longer dress or a jumpsuit! This long-sleeve mini dress is a fantastic option because it will keep your upper body warm and cozy, but not get you overheated! (It’s also on mega sale right now!) You can also try a jumpsuit if you like to keep your legs warm instead. I always like to change it up on occasions and try new styles!

All that is left to do is accessorize! I found these round sunglasses and brought out my go-to tote. They both can work with any outfit and still make it look super stylish! I highly recommend both of these as great finishing touches to any outfit!


What fall styles will you be shopping for? These are some of the fall trends I have my eye on this season!


photos by Vanessa Lentine