Gift Guide: For the Guys

December 4, 2018


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Gift Guide: For the Guys

Hi Friends,

Matthew here.

Did you know that the lyrics to Drake’s latest song can be printed on a peanut? Amazing. I had no idea. That’s the first item that’s not on my gift guide!

Moving on.

I’ve started with a Snugpak blanket. These are battle proven and lightweight. If your gift recipient is a hardcore out-of-doors person, they will definitely appreciate this! If you’re on the fence, just get it. No one has ever complained of being too hot in a hammock.

J.Crew button-ups fit great and this particular microcheck will keep you looking in-check. However, you’re dude will still not check all the boxes. Gosh, would you stop comparing him to the guy from The Notebook?

Tech Fleece Jogger Pants. Nothing technical here. Just a pair of Walmart-grade sweatpants that are green and black in all the right places. Still cool tho!

Slim Luxe Traveler Pants. These honestly fit great and are super comfortable. Buy one size bigger to account for holiday swagger…you know from all the cookies and mulled wine.

Mid-boots – These look cool and are reputable hikers. I recommend for the street and for the peaks. Or for impressing the Teets. Thats short for Tetons.

North Face duffle– is SICK. Weatherproof, stupid proof.

Dr Martens are classic and provide superior comfort for standing. Humans have to stand a lot, so be smart.

Jetboil Cooking System– This will get you cookin beans, rice, and everything nice!  More importantly, it will give you morning coffee.

Northface Camshire Pullover is so sexy, you’ll actually want to go camping with that fool who is wearing it.

Mini Oil Lamp?????? What the heck? That is so awesome and old school and a bit odd.  Give it to the weirdo that “has it all”.

Swedish Fire Knife– I recommend this again and again. It is cheap and useful for anyone smart enough to learn how to use it.

Shawl Collar– Shot caller. But honestly, most likely just a shop-at-the-mall-er.  Still looks awesome though. I own this and like it a lot.

Zero-Grand Wingtip Oxford: A very sharp looking shoe and also very versatile!  I don’t fancy the name though. Makes me think that I don’t got any grand in the bank after buying these. Whatever, Cool Haan!

Shave kit– for those who choose to take a razor to the face. A RAZOR TO THE FACE!  These people are loco. But we love ’em.

Beard kit: These peeps are also probably loco, but a dash more reasonable?  Ayy, Idk.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, this cashmere cardigan would definitely go over well. Or these snappy oxfords!

Have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate. The important thing about life is to cherish those that you love and to treat every day you have with them as if it were your last.


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I hope you all enjoyed Matthew’s post! I love having him do these each year because I feel like he has a better perspective on guy’s gifts than I do. Plus they always make me laugh!

Did you catch any of the other recent gift guides? I recently shared some really fun gift ideas for the hostess and for kids too! One day I’ll have to ask Augustine to write the kids gift guide. Now that would be even more entertaining!