Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – for Guys (written by Matthew)

February 6, 2018


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You all loved Matthew’s holiday gift guide {one of my most read December posts!}, so I couldn’t help asking him to put together this Valentine’s Day post! He spent a lot of time picking out these products and really thinking of some cool ones your guy might like. Matthew also thought of some great date ideas if you’re in need of something fun to do! Loved that he put together this post because 1. it gave me the night off and 2. I have some ideas for him now! Also, you can get a sense of his silly sense of humor!

Hi everyone!

It’s old Mateo here. Mara asked me to chime in on a few V-day gift ideas for the guy in your life and since I lost a bet, here we go.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – for Guys

Sweaters are comforting. They are like a beanie or a beard for your flannel shirt. I like this one in black.

Which leads me to the beanie.  Most guys I know love beanies because they can go days without showering and just throw one on when they go out for a sando or beer. On second thought, you might want to give him some new shampoo. See Mara for details.

That Timex watch looks super sharp and doesn’t break the bank. It is also classic enough that it won’t go out of style (like those strange furry slip-on gucci gear loafers y’all have been rocking. Just one man’s opinion).

A good tie bar is a classy touch. Many guys don’t own them. Maybe because they don’t wear ties. You could always buy him a tie to go with it. I don’t know.

Is your dude pulling out a duct-taped, raggedy andy looking wallet when he buys the tickets to that romantic comedy you were dying to see? Then cut him some slack, appreciate his ability to fix things, and kindly buy him a nice leather wallet. I’m a huge fan of Frye products. You get what you pay for with this brand.

If your guy has a beard, he might enjoy some beard oil. It will make his beard softer and will give him that small touch of extra confidence he needs to conquer every challenge in his day. If he doesn’t have a beard, then just give him a smooch and maybe some Burts Bees Chap Stick.

Cologne is nice. I like this one but it is obviously a personal thing.

Is your dude really active, or would you like him to be? Get him a few starter pieces of gear, like this hydration backpack. It’s great for hikes or trips to the beach/lake, or for road trips (I guess?). If he is really dead-set on being unhealthy, he can fill it with a Slurpee or beer or something. This will pair wonderfully with an intervention.

Also, a good flashlight is essential. This one is a super legit one. You can’t have too many flashlights. That’s what I tell Mara anyways!

Socks will always be appreciated. I wear Stance and Smartwool pretty much exclusively. Take your pick. They are both awesome. Still waiting on my endorsement deal though…

Black Chucks with a heart on them are pretty cool. I would also recommend just buying the $50 version and puffy-painting a heart on them. Is puffy paint still a thing?

Lastly, up your guy’s game with some advice from people who are way more accomplished than us. Tim Ferriss is legit. His new book Tribe of Mentors is a fairly quick read but has many, many, gems. If you’re not sure if your man knows how to read, then just buy him some gummy worms and love him for who he is.

And if you need a few ideas for dates, here are a couple I’m a fan of:

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

– movie and pizza night at home (heart-shaped pizza optional)
– get a sitter (if necessary) and hit the town with a fancy dinner and live music. Uber if you will be boozing!
– a sunset picnic at the beach or mountains or field or backyard, etc
– cook together (could be pasta night, pizza night, bbq night, sandwich night, etc. pick a theme!)
– winter stargazing – bundle up! Add glogg or apple cider to keep your crusty old bones warm
– have a casual delivery food night in and plan and book a weekend away together
– plan a staycation in your own town (helps if you don’t have children)

Good luck, everyone! – Matthew

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