Gift Guide For Him

December 10, 2017


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Hey Friends,

Matthew, here. It’s that time of year again where I get to give my $0.02 on products that I’d personally love to receive (hint, hint, Mara!), and a few that I have a lot of experience with and recommend for the man in your life. Let’s get started!

Gift Guide For Him

Travel Wallet: There’s something really cool about this. It doesn’t make sense to carry every card that’s in my wallet when I take a trip (especially out of state or international). Unless you plan on hitting up the Costco while you’re in Acapulco (lol).  No, seriously, they have Costco everywhere. I hope that one in Acapulco is still there.

Anyway, moving on to the Henley.  A good Henley is a staple. They are comfortable, warm, and look good with a lot of different layers over it. You can’t have too many in the winter.  I think I include these every year in my recommendations.

UGHHH… Oops, I meant “UGG”.  I automatically said “UGHH” because I think I have put these gosh darn boots on the M Loves M gift guide every year and I still haven’t been gifted these! What’s up, Mara?!  They are cool because of their surf roots, and also that they are just plain comfortable (says everyone).  If you know me, you know I really only buy stuff that is both comfortable and useful, because that combo = cool.  I’m going to predict that more guys are going to get on this train.

Funny Christmas Shirt is funny. Buy one for the joker in your life.

Yeti Colster is dope. Keep your dude’s vibe cool by keeping his all-natural, non-type-2-diabetes-causing beverage cool. Yea that was a poo-poo to soda. You have got to start thinking about longevity, man!  Double IPA’s are life-enhancing, much like probiotics and kale and mushroom teas. Maybe… There’s just not enough research to prove that they aren’t, though. Darn it. And the burden of proof is on you, healthy people!!!  Arghhh

Tent Hammocks are awesome. They are super comfortable to sleep in and make for a lightweight system. Highly recommended.

These Nike Running Shoes are sick! And come Jan 1, I’ll need to get my fatso butt on some sort of cardio program, but I’m sure as hell not doing it without some rad kicks! Boom. Ditto Workout Shirt. I have several of these. They are legit.

Sunnies. Most guys don’t update their eyewear that much, and I don’t blame them. If it aint broke, no fixxy. That’s why we have women who gift us things we don’t need (but we still secretly appreciate very much).  J.Crew Jeans fit great and are great quality. I don’t always buy fancy jeans, but when I do, they are on sale. ZING!!!

Fire Steel Knife and Petzl headlamp are sick. Easy, rad gifts that are useful and will be loved. Even if you have a 1 year old and only get out camping once or twice a year, just knowing they are in your pack for next time, feels so goooood.

Belts are another cool gift idea because I feel like most guys don’t like spending money on belts, even though they need them! They are like socks – you most likely wear it every day but don’t appreciate it until you have good ones!

Davy Crockett DVD is something I grew up on. It’s old school and classic and it’s something I’ll let Augustine watch when he is a little older. It definitely inspired me to want to be outdoors and go on adventures.

Tile Keychain – this is something I don’t have but would love. It’s high tech and just extremely useful! If I lose my keys or wallet, I want to find it, fast. Just a cool idea that any techie type dude would also appreciate.

Last but not least, all I really want for Christmas is this Star Wars Speeder Bike Drone! It’s the toy I wish would have been around when I was 8.  Take note, Mara. Take note. hehe

Ok, it’s been fun! Thank you for putting up with my weird sense of humor. Make sure to ask Mara what she’s planning on getting me from this gift guide so she actually does!! I don’t want to have to buy my Star Wars drone and Uggs on the day after Christmas sale…. BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!


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