The Secret to a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

April 18, 2018

the secret to a perfect Mother's Day gift + how to wear a trench coat for spring in Los Angeles - M Loves M @marmarCan you all believe that Mother’s Day is coming up?! Don’t forget ok? Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to shop for. I love picking out sweet gifts for my mom and mother-in-law, and especially since I’m now a mom, I recognize how important this day is. I love Mother’s Day because it’s a day to truly honor the women in our lives who have helped shape us into who we are today. Whether it’s a mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, or aunt, I’m sure you all have an influential female in your life who has guided you over the years, served as your sounding board, your cheerleader, and your role model. Today I’m sharing the secret to a perfect Mother’s Day gift in case you’re looking for something special! I’m also sharing some of my favorite things about my mom, including the thing that impresses me so much about her! This is the one thing I think every parent wants to achieve but it’s not always possible.


The Skirt That Goes with Almost Everything

April 16, 2018

spring styling ideas by Mara Ferreira M Loves M @marmar

When I was pregnant, one of the things I missed most were my skirts. I’m such a dress girl, as you can probably tell by scrolling through my blog, but skirts are definitely a close second. They take a little more work when it comes to styling- you have to find the perfect top to go with them- but the looks they achieve are some of my favorites. When I saw this chambray skirt the other week I was sold immediately because 1. the length is perfect for bending down with Augustine and 2. chambray goes with so much. I love that you can almost think of this skirt as a pair of jeans when styling it. What would you wear with denim jeans? Everything right? Well, that’s how you can treat this skirt. This is the skirt that goes with almost everything. You can honestly pair probably any top with it and it will look perfect!  I styled it with a black sweater for a cooler spring day and added my new fave under $20 sandals so I was extra comfortable!


2 Helpful Tips I’ve Been Incorporating into my Life Lately

April 13, 2018

a cute and boho feminine outfit idea to wear for spring to a winery or a music festival - M Loves M @marmar

Happy Friday! Did this week go by quickly or was it just me? I feel like every week is a little bit of the same around here {mom life}, but I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Today I’m cleaning like a mad woman around the house because we’re having family from San Diego come up tomorrow. I’m so looking forward to that since Matthew’s sisters haven’t seen our new house yet. It will be so nice to see them and catch up, and I’m also excited to get their input on some decor items and house projects. It’s so fun to chat design with other people that are into it, too, plus sometimes I need a tiebreaker for ideas Matthew and I have been talking about. I know I owe you several home update posts by the way- living room and bedroom are coming up soon!

Today I’m styling this super cute chambray jumpsuit  {on sale in some sizes here} but I’m also chatting about two ideas and concepts I’ve heard recently that have made such a difference for me. I talked about them on Stories earlier in the week but I thought it was worth writing down here, especially if some of you missed it. These are 2 helpful tips I’ve been incorporating into my life lately that have helped give me a much better perspective on life and also more respect for myself. I hope this post gives you a little bit of inspiration on this Friday!