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October 24, 2016


Augustine's Nursery Reveal- a fresh and unique gender-neutral nursery design @marmar

I’m so excited to finally share photos of Augustine’s Nursery with you all! We started designing this room over the summer, some said a little late, but everything was all done by the time he arrived {sans a pouf!}. The funny thing is that during those early weeks Augustine didn’t spend much time in this room since he was, and still is, sleeping in a bassinet in our room. Nevertheless, it was so nice to have the room finished and ready for him.

As you might remember, we decided to wait to find out the gender. With that in mind we decided to create a gender neutral nursery space with whites, creams, and different textures. Here was some of our inspiration! I knew that we could always add “boy” or “girl” accents later. I’m so happy with how the room came out. It’s actually my favorite room in our house! Here are some photos and details. I’d love to know what you think!
Augustine's Nursery Reveal- Gender Neutral design

The room started with this traditional white crib from Bratt Decor. I loved the white wood and knew that this would be a great piece I could use for future babes down the line. We can also convert this crib into a toddler bed, or a daybed, so it’s multi-functional! The other crib I was looking at was this metal one, but in the end we decided the wood crib fit the room better.  This crib skirt with the macrame detail adds a little texture and depth. Plus who can resist a little fringe?! I found this wonderful home site Petit Pehr and fell in love with everything they carried! We got the crib sheet, lamb blanket, and changing pad cover from them. I love how the prints they carry are soft and delicate.

gender neutral nursery design with high fashion home chest and lulu & georgia mirror

For the dresser we decided on this stunning chest from High Fashion Home. I love all of High Fashion Home’s pieces. {We got our gray velvet couch from them too!} This chest is beautiful with its carved details and I love that it’s not a traditional changing table/dresser piece. Wouldn’t it look nice in a dining room too? There are two shelves inside and we got baskets to fill them with Augustine’s clothing.

rattan mirror over dresser

Above the dresser is this incredible geometric mirror for Lulu & Georgia. I love the rattan style that adds a bohemian feel to the space. Lulu & Georgia always has the best pieces, like this sand dollar lamp! This is such a heavy, high quality, lamp and it provides an earthy feel to the room. I love the contrast of the white of the lamp with the gold too!

woven baskets are a must in a nursery design

Next to the dresser we have the necessities, like the diaper pail, and some baskets for toys and dirty clothing. I love this pom hamper for Augustine’s stuffed animals {he already has quite the collection!}, and this handwoven dot hamper from The Little Market {one of the best fair trade sites that supports artisans around the world!}. We also got this stuffed animal lamb and stuffed animal giraffe from The Little Market since they match the art above the bookshelf perfectly.

a cute white bookcase in a nursery bookshelf in nursery

Speaking of the reading area, how cute is this petite bookcase from The Land of Nod?! The white on white style was just what we wanted but you could actually choose different tops/bottoms to customize for your space. There are so many good books on his bookcase, including some classics that I grew up with. Matthew’s mom and my mom both got Augustine “On the Night You Were Born,” {great minds think alike!} and we already enjoying reading it to him! The soft and sturdy stuffed zebra bookend is perfect for holding the books in place and it sits next to this fun gold giraffe.

Above the bookshelf are two prints from The Animal Print Shop that I fell in love with. One is this sweet lamb print {lambs are a special animal to me}, and this graceful giraffe print. I love both of these prints so much and I’m so glad we have the matching lamb and giraffe stuffed animal to go with them! We got the prints framed at Framebridge and they did such a wonderful job! The whole process was so easy and hassle-free- just what I needed at the end of my pregnancy. We previewed the prints online in various frames, selected the one we wanted, and then they emailed a pre-paid mailer for us to send in the art. A few days later they shipped us the framed finished result! So easy! They had so many great and affordable frame options, too! I love that we could also have uploaded a photo if we wanted digital ones printed. I’m so going to do this again with some of Augustine’s newborn photos!

animal print shop prints in nurseryAugustine's white and bohemian nursery white chair with anthropologie moroccan pillow

One of my favorite little spots in this room is the rocking chair! We ordered this classic linen glider from Serena & Lily and it’s so nice! I wanted a rocker that didn’t necessarily look like a rocker {many are obvious right away}. This chair is pretty and sophisticated and most importantly very comfortable. We’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting here together, so this Moroccan pillow is great for extra back support, which I desperately need given my recent troubles. A side table was a must, as well, and I was so happy to find this marble-ish one at Target for an incredible price! I actually was looking for something really similar for our entry way room last year and couldn’t find one under $300! Go Target! This copper lamp is another Target find that we were so happy about! And since every mama needs to rest her feet once in awhile, this woven pouf is a must. Like the rattan mirror, the woven pouf adds to the earthy feel and compliments the rug really nicely. Ah the rug!

To pull the room all together we had to get this cozy loop rug from Anthropologie. I had been looking at it for months and knew it would add a cozy atmosphere to the nursery. I can’t believe Augustine’s tiny hands and feet are going to be crawling around on it soon! We also picked these beige dotted curtains from Loom Decor {they have a vast selection of prints and patterns!}. I was especially happy because they had a blackout lining option. That feature will be so helpful in keeping the room dark during naptimes.

a white wooden crib with a tree mural wallpaperfox and twinkle star pillow

fox stuffed animal & twinkle twinkle pillow

One of the last things we did in the nursery was put up this tree mural wallpaper. Matthew and I went back and forth on whether or not we thought it was a good fit {would it be too dark? too overwhelming?}. In the end, we added it and we are so glad that we did! It gives a little masculine touch to the room that’s perfect for our boy! Augustine loves to stare at it because of the black and white contrasts. Also, the good news is that if we want to remove it, it’s easy to do so- it’s one of those easy on/easy off wallpapers. Although, I’ll admit, even though it’s easy to put on, we still had a professional do it. We were so worried we’d mess up the pattern! I love the pop of color with the pom mobile in front too!

colorful pom mobile with tree mural wallpaperAugustine's Nursery RevealMara and Baby Augustine - Augustine's Nursery Reveal

The process of putting together this room was so fun and I was so glad to have some help from Havenly! It can be so easy to get overwhelmed with the options and having a designer to work with was so helpful. I told the designer about the pieces I was interested in and she pulled everything together and made it all cohesive. If you’re interested in checking out Havenly {I’d highly recommend them!} you can use MLOVESM for 20% off! You can do a mini room refresh for $79 or a full room redesign for $199! It’s so affordable and worth it. I designed my office with them as well!

augustine's gender-neutral nursery details about my robe


crib . crib skirtcrib sheet . lamb blanket . changing pad cover . chest . mirror . table lamp . pom basket . dot hamper . stuffed animal lamb . stuffed animal giraffe . bookcase . bookendlamb print . giraffe print . frames . glider . pillow . side table . candlefloor lamp . pouf . rug . curtains . wallpaper . mobile . fox stuffed animaltwinkle pillow . ceiling light .

So what do you all think? I’d love to know your thoughts about Augustine’s nursery! I was so incredibly happy with how it turned out!


photos by Monica Wang

  • Michelle Joseph

    I can see why the nursery is your favourite room in the house. It looks so peaceful. I would love to spend time in there.

    Mich x

  • So beautiful! I love that rug. Do you find that it sheds at all? We have one similar to it now but it sheds so much and now that are 6 month old is wanting to crawl she ends up with fuzzes in her face.

    I have been wanting to try Havenly. Thanks for sharing your experience with them!

    • unfortunately the rug has been shedding 🙁 Such a bummer!! I love it though but I’m definitely concerned about when he’s crawling.

      And yes to Havenly!! It was a great experience and so affordable too!

  • Laura

    Such a beautiful space. I love how you decorated his nursery! I’m in the process of starting my little babe’s nursery so this post was perfect timing!

    • aw good! Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  • Alicia Lund

    AW this is such a sweet room!! Turned out so cute Mara! xx

    • Thank you so much Alicia!! I can’t wait to see yours 🙂

  • This is adorable! It looks like it belongs in a magazine!

    xo, Carey

    • aw thanks Carey!! I love this room so much. Definitely my favorite place to be!

  • Carrie Colbert

    Ah, it’s beautiful! I love the colorful mobile.


    • Me too! I think Augustine will love looking at it too 🙂

  • Love the baby giraffe print! So cute!

  • Allegra Liu

    This is really beautiful. So cool, fresh and soothing at the same time. The wallpaper is my favorite part, my eye was drawn to it right away.

    • I love the wallpaper too! I can’t believe we almost didn’t do it!

  • That last picture of you is breathtaking–motherhood suits you well 🙂

    • Thanks so much Ashley!! I really appreciate your sweet comment 🙂

  • Olivia Wells

    Nice nursery! Some items are way too expensive IMO though! $1,300 for a chest OMG!!!

    • I know it’s definitely a splurge piece! I’ll see if I can find a similar one that’s a little more affordable to link to!

  • So beautiful Mara! Love the neutrals with a pop of color!

    Xx Taylor

    • Thank you Taylor! This is my favorite room for sure 🙂

  • This nursery is so adorable! I love all the soft, but still gender neutral elements. And those stuffies are too cute 🙂

    • thanks Jessie!! I was so obsessed with my stuffed animals growing up so I hope he loves them too!

  • Thanks Yvette!! Since we didn’t know the gender we needed it to be a little more neutral. I love it!

  • Lex

    This nursery is to die for, I love it all! The wallpaper is really what caught my attention though, I can see how you guys thought it might be too much but it looks so good and completes the look!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

    • I think so too!! I’m so glad we ended up doing it! It completes the room so well!

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