The 21 Things You Should Have in Your Purse At All Times

March 8, 2017


outfit inspiration: beige sweater, distressed jeans and wool hat

I really can’t even count a number of times I’ve been out and about and needing that one thing! I search my purse and car to no avail and promise myself that I won’t be caught without it the next time. Yet over and over again it happens! After one particularly rough day of being out for errands with the baby, needing to valet my car and not having cash, getting blisters in my new shoes, and being absolutely starving with no healthy snacks in sight, I came home and wrote a list. These are my essentials. They’re the 21 things you should have in your purse at all times! Yes, 21 things is a lot but most of them don’t take up any room and I’ve found them all necessary on multiple occasions. Let me know if you agree!

sharing my purse essentials neutral spring outfit- beige sweater and wool hat one of my favorite on-the-go healthy snacks

The 21 Things You Should Have in Your Purse At All Times

  1. Compact mirror- for on the go touch-ups, and making sure there isn’t anything stuck in your teeth!
  2. Hair ties/bobby pins- always needing to put my hair back or fix a wonky bun
  3. Snacks- an absolute must! Getting hungry on the go is the worst. I love the Breakfast Biscuits from Pure Growth Organic. They are so addictive and delicious! Love that they’re 100% organic too!
  4. Emergency cash- for those times where you don’t have time to go to an ATM.
  5. Hand sanitizer- germs are everywhere!!
  6. Mints- I always have some in my car and in my purse.
  7. Lipstick and lip balm- Lipstick for getting fancy and lip balm for healing chapped lips!
  8. Small perfume- One spritz and I feel so much more put together!
  9. Band aid- Even old shoes can give me blisters. My skin is too sensitive!
  10. Sunglasses- Sunny days, watch out!
  11. Blotting papers- One of those things you don’t think you need until you do!
  12. Notebook– for on-the-go notes and grocery lists
  13. Pen- for the above
  14. Essential oil roller- love having my de-stress roller with me, especially in traffic!
  15. Ear buds/headphones- necessary for the gym and waiting rooms!
  16. Feminine products- no explanation needed!
  17. Nail file- I always seem to get a broken nail while I’m driving and have to wait all day until I get home to file it smooth.
  18. Mobile phone charger- Don’t be caught without power! Really important for emergencies! 
  19. Statement piece of jewelry- I’m always surprised how often I’m looking for one piece of jewelry to take my outfit from day to night. I like keeping a pair of statement earrings in my purse just in case. It’s a little thing but it makes a big difference!
  20. Lotion- bye bye dry skin!
  21. Small comb- for de-tangling, a clean part, smoothing, and a little teasing!

The thing on this list that I’ve found super important though is snacks! Being hungry on the go is so annoying {Matthew calls it being hangry- hungry and angry!). When I’m with the baby, it’s not as easy to just stop anywhere to get food. I have to open up the stroller, take the heavy car seat out of the car, load in the diaper bag, and hope that he stays asleep or in a good mood! And then my options for healthy snacks are so limited. I started getting these Pure Growth Organic snacks a few months ago, though, {totally sucked in by the adorable packaging} and love that they’re 100% organic but taste just like you’d expect. I’ve been grabbing the Breakfast Biscuits lately before I head out the door and they’re perfect for a satisfying snack on the go! I’m always adding more to my Amazon order! And if you saw on my Insta Stories the other day, I devoured the bag of animal crackers in a whole afternoon! It’s supposed to be 10 servings but I just kept going. When Augustine is old enough to eat these, I know I’ll be sneaking bites whenever I can. Or better yet, having my own Mommy bag!

snacking_on_the_go pure growth organic snacks what to always have in your purse casual spring outfit with distressed jeans and hat sharing my on-the-go essentials the 21 things to have in your purse at all times

What’s the one thing you can’t be without on the go? You know, besides your phone 😉


DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pure Growth Organics. The opinions and text are all mine.

  • I agree with every item you mentioned (especially snacks!) and i would actually add a couple of things: A tiny bottle of water (same as hangry for you, if i get too thirsty i get anxious) and tissues! I always have to have tissues on hand because i have very bad eye allergies all year long and they could start crying anytime and make a mess of me! Also you’re right, you don’t need a huge handbag to keep the necessary stuff, just make sure you have everything in small/flat/light version and we’re good to go! Love that post sweet Mara, thanks!

    • oh my gosh YES!! Tissues! How could I forget that one?! Thanks for the reminder!!

  • Rach

    I really should add snack in my bag. I definitely get hangry haha!

    • Hi Rach, it is a must have with me, thank you for the comment.

  • Natali

    Love your content Mara, you always keep it fresh and interesting!
    I have almost about the same things in my bag and I still, every day somehow find that something is missing. 😀
    I guess that that’s how all of us women are, always something small is missing even though we have
    a bottomless bag situation on daily basis. 😀

    • Hi Natali, Thank you so much for your sweet comment

  • Allegra Liu

    Snacks are very important. Tinted lip balm and blotting papers are high on my list too. I’d add a pen to go along with the notebook. I like the idea of the rollerball perfume. I have a few and I wouldn’t mind getting another in a Jo Malone scent (love her fragrances) like you pictured. Love your pretty pink bag, goes great with your neutral outfit!

    • Hi Allegra, thank you for comment, yes love little snacks to get me through the day.

  • At first I thought “21 things!! That’s so many!” but then I looked and realized I have almost all of these things in my bag 🙂 I’m sure the list only increases with a baby! This is also a great reminder for me to put that extra phone charger I have in my bag right now! Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Mollie

    • Tali

      That’s so funny bc I thought the same thing. I have most of these things in my bag already as well. Also, I think having a phone replaces the notebook and pen on the list, which saves up some more room for even more snacks, IMO. The nail file, phone charger, band aids and blotting paper are things I need to add to my bag and didn’t have.

    • Hi Molli, it does indeed, I feel I forget so many things.

  • Michelle Joseph

    Yes! I completely agree with this list. I cannot go without cream because of my dry skin and vaseline for my lips. I panic if I don’t have them with me.

    Mich x

    • Hi Michelle, same here dry lips and dry skin is the worst.

  • Looks like I need to add some things to my purse haha! Also, loving your outfit especially that hat!

    xo, Carey

    • Hi Carey, thank you for your sweet words!! Yes most definitely with spring coming up, hats are a must.

  • Thank you for sharing:P

    Shall We Sasa

    • Thank you so much Sasa!! Really glad that you liked the post.

  • Korin Beckham

    I want your shirt/sweater – – – – will you share the link?

  • Tiffany

    I’m a minimalist when it comes to my purse, but carry a small clear makeup bag w/ lotion, bobby pins, lip balm, small/sample-sized makeup and another must-have: Pacifica deodorant wipes! (Hint: Now that you’re on board w/ Young Living, you can replace chemical-laden hand sanitizer and perfume w/ essential oils. Peppermint or thieves are great replacements for mints, too!)

    • yes yes yes!! I just got the Thieves hand sanitizer!! And Peppermint Vitality as a breath mint is such a good reminder! Thank you 🙂

  • I keep a small pouch of screen cleaning wipe in my purse too. I hate looking at my phone and seem smears on it! These snacks look super healthy and yummy 🙂

    • oh that’s such a good idea with the screen wipes!! I bet they’d come in handy for my glasses too!! Thanks Jessie 🙂

  • Louis Dupond
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