Wellness Challenge No. 8

April 30, 2017


M Loves M Wellness Challenge No. 8 - (blue and beige living room with moroccan wedding blanket poufs)

This next wellness challenge is one that Matthew and I reference all the time. We’ve gone through periods where we’ve been more successful incorporating it into our life, but usually it’s always a goal.

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Wellness Challenge No. 8: One Touch

One touch. What does that mean? It is a way of simplifying and staying better organized. For example, let’s say you come home from work and you immediately take off your sweater and throw it on the couch. Your future self will be annoyed looking at that sweater and you will wish that it was in its rightful place – in the closet!  So, “one touch,” says that instead of throwing it on the couch and having to deal with it a second time (a second touch), just deal with it properly the first time with one touch – take off your sweater and hang it up where it belongs-  in the closet! It saves you touching that sweater twice, and all the stress that goes along with living in a messy house with your things not in their place.  This also applies to dishes. Instead of using a fork or bowl and putting it in the sink after you use it, why not just rinse them and put them directly in the dishwasher?  Or if you don’t have a dishwasher, why not just wash the bowl out when you’re done with it?

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One touch forces you to simplify your interactions with your possessions and helps you automatically feel better because you are better organized. It often takes just a few seconds extra, but those few seconds make you feel so good when you can relax in a clean living room or kitchen after a long day.

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If you remember, we started Kondo’ing a while back and LOVE when we actually follow through with these sorts of practices.  I would encourage you all to just give it a try! Maybe it means you are a bit cleaner in the kitchen, or maybe it makes you a stellar housemate! Either way, one touching is a great life hack that will make you feel way more organized and less stressed out.  Ok, we’re going for it! Wish us luck as well!

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photos by Monica Wang – originally from our Home Tour

  • And another great challenge idea, yeah! I’m a master at that ’cause i’m kind of a maniac and can’t handle a messy home… BUT! I totally plan on challenging my love for this week’s challenge because he’s an expert at leaving stuff all over the appartement, then spends 10minutes looking for something and half an hour re-organizing his mess! Such a nightmare for me! Haha! xo

    • Isn’t it funny how one person is usually clean and the other isn’t?! I have to admit I’m definitely the messy one in our family! It’s a problem. So I’m definitely looking forward to this challenge 🙂 Let me know how it goes!!

      • Haha i can imagine and i’ll definitely let you know how it goes in our household! Can’t wait to know about your experience as well darling 😉

  • Such a great challenge, I’m going to try this through out this week! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Michelle Joseph

    I will join you in this wellness challenge. I wish my hubby would too haha. Sometimes I do this but not always, and it’s true, when you do it the first time you feel much better than if you had to come back to it again.

    Mich x

    • I always feel so much better when I do this too!! Yay glad you’ll join in Mich! Try to get your hubby on board too 😉

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  • I love your wellness challenge Mara! Am definitely going to be mindful and try this!


  • I love the idea of the “one touch” ! My husband and I try have been doing it for quite some time now and it does make a big difference. Loved reading your wellness challenges, Mara!


  • Carrie Colbert

    Your space looks lovely! I love that turquoise rug. Xo


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