Ask Mara

questions, thoughts, suggestions?
If you had to plan a full date day (locally), what would you include? Thing to do, restaurants, etc.

aw that would be so exciting! Are you LA or OC based? I’m going to give my ideal LA date because that’s where I’m from. I feel like I’m all over town on this one but I think it would be a fun adventure:

We’d wake up early and go for a walk along The Strand in Manhattan Beach, finishing with an acai bowl at Paradise Bowls. Then we;d drive over the Abbot Kinney and walk around in the fun little home shops and clothing boutiques. Lunch would have to be at Gjelina (or Scopa although that’s off AK) and ice cream at Salt & Straw, or maybe donuts at Blue Star. Then we might head downtown, check out one of the museums or galleries, and get cocktails at Perch overlooking the city, and then dinner at Bestia for the best dinner ever! That would be so much fun! Thanks for the fun question!

You had posted a drug store beauty finds series on your Instagram Stories. Can you do more of those? What are some of your other favorite inexpensive (yet effective) beauty products?

Yes definitely! So glad you liked that InstaStory. I’ll definitely do more. I always like finding good affordable beauty and skincare products. My latest fave is the Burt’s Bee Eyebrow Pencil. It’s SO good!

If you could only use 5 beauty products for the rest of the year, which 5 would you choose? I’m thinking more skincare than anything.

ooh what a great question! Let me think…Ok for sure I need that CE Ferulic from SkinCeuticals. It is pricy but it tasted about 4 months (4-5 drops 2 times a day, morning and night) and I really noticed a difference in my skin tone and texture. Then I would have to say the ExfoliKate, the Kiehl’s toner, the Advanced Night Repair Serum, and now I feel like I need a really solid moisturizer! What about eye cream, though!? Only 5?? How about 6?  Really liked this eye cream when I was using it (also great natural brand!). And the moisturizer I’m using now and love is this one from Kiehl’s. Kate Somerville and Origins have great ones too! Thanks for this fun question!

Have you ever subscribed to one of the monthly beauty boxes? If so, which ones? Do you have a favorite? Have you tried any other types of subscription boxes?

I haven’t subscribed to one but I’ve heard that people love the Birchboxes still. And then I keep seeing a ton about FabFitFun. That one looks cool because you get full-sized products and current items in stores. I got a KidBox for Augustine and that was cute, although I feel like some of the things they sent weren’t the best fit. One box I think I might sign back up for is Blue Apron (or Sunbasket!). I think a food subscription box would be really nice and convenient since meal prepping and shopping is a little harder now with Augustine.