Wellness Challenge No. 4

Wellness Challenge No. 4

March 26, 2017

Banana and Toasted Pecan Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

March 24, 2017

Banana and Toasted Pecan Quinoa Breakfast Bowl recipe- so easy and delicious to make!

My favorite meal of the day is definitely breakfast. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can count dessert as a meal right? I think that’s why I love breakfast, though. You can get away with eating a sweet, borderline dessert, meal and not feel too guilty about it because it’s breakfast. Think pancakes, waffles, french toast, and muffins that are basically cupcakes without the frosting. While I love sweets {like looove them!}, I also have a healthy side that strives for balance. Enter this Banana and Toasted Pecan Quinoa Breakfast Bowl! Have any of you ever had quinoa for breakfast before? Or quinoa in a sweet way? Usually, I have quinoa for dinner with roasted/sauteed veggies. It’s absolutely delicious in the morning, though! If you ever find yourself with some leftover quinoa from last night’s dinner, try it for breakfast! This recipe is so dang good and will satisfy your sweet tooth, in under 15 minutes! Even less when you have precooked quinoa!


How to Style a Jumpsuit

March 23, 2017

How to Style a Jumpsuit-  jumpsuit outfit inspiration

Jumpsuits are always a good go-to outfit. Like a dress, it’s a one and done outfit. Unlike a dress, though, it has a little more of a cool factor. Perfect for wine tasting, festival weekends, and casual Sundays. It’s an outfit that’s incredibly comfortable, borderline lounge-wear, yet you can wear it out and about. If you’re wondering how to style a jumpsuit, you really don’t need much. Since this jumpsuit gives me a 70s feel, maybe it’s the rust-color and wider legs, I added a long pendant necklace and some platform sandals. And, to make it a little more versatile, I sometimes like to tie a button-up onto the jumpsuit. This is great if you’re in fluctuating temperatures. It’s a nice way to give your jumpsuit a bit of an update!


A Colorful Striped Dress for Spring

March 21, 2017

the prettiest striped dress for spring

Spring is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited!! Besides the fact that we have some rainy days this week, and the temperatures are in the 60s, I’m ready to do away with all the darker fall/winter colors. That means I’m ready for lots of light and bright colors. And this colorful striped dress does the trick! It seriously makes my heart happy. I love all the colors together and the horizontal stripes on top and the verticle stripes on the bottom are super flattering. Since there was a lot going on with the dress, and the bright mustard bag, I kept the shoes simple with this nude ankle strap pair. This is just the kind of outfit I want to wear on a beautiful spring day!