Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

December 2, 2020



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Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

Dinkum Doll: These dolls are super unique and cute for the kids to have as a keepsake. They are all organically made and are sustainable. I love the details they put on each doll and I can’t wait to get one for C. She has one baby doll now though and while she loves it, she also will toss it in the dirt. So maybe I’ll wait until she’s a little older before getting her one of these dolls!

Mum + Dad Mice in Cigar Box: This box is a super unique gift that your child will surely love. I am obsessed with all of Maileg’s products because they are all so authentic looking. Such sweet little keepsakes to play with!

Moonjar Money Bank: This three-part money box can teach your children how to start saving money! The three sections in this box include save, spend, and share. I think this would be a fun and practical gift for Augustine. He might not jump up and down about it, but I think he’ll enjoy it in the long run and look forward to using it!

Melissa & Doug Dust: Toddlers love to imitate parents. Even Augustine who is 4 loves to help clean up. He’s always asking to sweet and mop and I’m like, “yes please!!” He would have loved this playset when he was younger {now he uses the real deal} but I bet something like this would be the perfect size for C. And to be honest, Augustine would probably use it too! 

Floor Puzzle: Augustine is a puzzler, just like me! It’s something that I find so relaxing and fun. Am I alone?? Anyway, I bet this would be a fun one for Augustine to play with, while also helping with his ABCs. 

Lion Stacking Toy: This stuffed animal is so adorable and not like every other stuffed animal. This toy contains stackable rings that encourage cause and effect learning in your baby or kid. If you know a little one under 1 this would be a perfect little gift. 

Toy Cars Set: Every young boy loves to play with toy cars, and this set is perfect for them. This set is safe for both indoor and outdoor use, plus it encourages motor skill development. Augustine has so many cars and he doesn’t get sick of them. 

Classic Pedal Bike: How cute is this bike? This bike is geared towards children ages 4-7. Augustine has been mastering his balance bike so I think it might be time for an upgrade. The question is whether we get it for him now in the winter, or wait until his birthday. But his birthday is at the end of summer 🙁 Decisions! 

Mini Sofia Bunny: This bunny has to be the cutest doll I have ever seen. Any little girl would love to have one of their own to snuggle with. To be honest, I want one for myself!

Strolley: I got this wheeled convertible basket for Corinna and I am SO excited to give it to her. I already know she is going to love it!

Victorian Dollhouse: This dollhouse is super rich in detail and I love the traditional style. I can’t wait to give one to Corinna one day. Or maybe I’ll see if Matthew can make one! He’s actually very handy when it comes to wood working. 

Racing Car: If you’re looking for a unique gift to give to your child, this retro-inspired racing car is the perfect choice. It is also eco-friendly and made with high quality materials. This would also be a great gift for a baby because it could be used as room decor until they were ready to play with it.

Western Boots: Every year we get Augustine a new pair of cowboy boots and he LOVES them so much! They are such a great gift to give to your kid, especially if they love the western style.

Hand Held Drum: Your baby or child will have so much fun playing with this wooden tambourine. It comes with a drumstick which the baby can tap on the drum to make music. Both kiddos love making music so I feel like it would be a great gift for almost any age. 

Make-A-Cake Mixer Set: This fun kitchen set will inspire so much creativity in your children and they will enjoy playing pretend. Hands-on play is so beneficial which makes this the perfect gift for the kids! 

Christmas Book: This book is the perfect holiday read with your kids! It includes a mixture of classic Christmas stories along with some newer titles that your kids are sure to love. 

Vintage Christmas Book: Another great collection of Christmas stories to tell to your kids! I always love getting a new Christmas book each year to add to our collection. This would also make a great  gift!


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I hope this post is helpful for any of you with littles in your life! If you do have kids, you’ll have to let me know what you’re getting them. I always love hearing other moms ideas!