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5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

November 4, 2013

I’m so happy that Matthew and I were able to  carve our pumpkins this year. I didn’t even realize it, until putting this post together, but this is the 5th year we’ve had our little/fiercely competitive carving contest! When we first did it, Matthew had just moved down to LA. I think we thought of the idea when I was visiting him in the Bay Area, as a “when you move to LA, we should have a carving contest!” sort of idea. Now, 5 years later it’s one of our favorite traditions. We may not have had our usual trick or treaters for judges, but my parents, my brother, and one of my besties voted. Unfortunately, I think this was Matthew’s year to win. What do you guys think?

What do you think? Hairy, straw-chewing pumpkin, or cute, smiley, one tooth pumpkin?
photos from the 1st2nd3rd, and 4th annual competitions

4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 31, 2012
Every year Matthew and I have a little competition that consists of carving the most magnificent pumpkin. He’s won a few times and I’ve won a few times. So this year, the competition was fierce I tell ya! The voting is actually going on tonight, though. The judges, aka the trick or treaters, will pick their favorite jack-o-lantern. Let the games begin!
Mine on the left & Matthew’s on the right
In their full glory!
Happy Halloween everyone! 
I hope your day is perfectly spooky!

photos from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd annual competitions

3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

November 1, 2011
Well it wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t have our annual pumpkin carving contest. This Halloween seemed like such a blur. I had to cancel our Halloween party because of our stupid mold situation {it’s spreading, it’s gross, and the walls are going to come down..literally!}. I didn’t even dress up, which is really sad for someone who loves this holiday. But at least, at least, we had our annual contest! It made me feel like we were able to celebrate a little bit!
 sneak peek at my cat pumpkin
 sneak peek at Matthew’s crazy monster pumpkin
Lit up, at night. My Dad’s is the bottom left. Can you guess what his is? It rhymes with schmirate! 
Do you guys have a favorite? I’m thinking it was Matthew’s year to win for sure!
How was your Halloween? Did you dress up? Trick or treat? Carve pumpkins? Throw a Halloween party? 
I need to live vicariously through you guys, ok? Next year will be better, I swear!
you can see photos from our previous carving competitions here and here!
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