our wedding: DIY and Details

September 15, 2011


One thing I kept hearing for months after the wedding was how personal and unique the whole day was. It makes me so happy because I definitely put a lot of effort and time into the planning process. I was so lucky to be in a situation where I was working part time throughout the engagement. I was really able to do so many crafts and DIY projects, that I might not have had time for otherwise, which ended up saving money, and also being a lot of fun! I remember staying up soo many nights saving inspiration photos {pre-Pinterest}, making venue and photographer spreadsheets, and planning my craft schedule for the weekends. Here are some detail photos with descriptions of the DIYs I did with the help of my amazing Mom and friends {and Matthew of course}!
 invites by Ma Joie Press
 bunting for the ceremony made with my Maid of Honor Lizzie over Christmas
 Wood-burned basket for the programs {programs designed by my brother..so cute I’ll have to share later}
 Drink Menu and Striped Straws!
 Matthew likes Belgian-style beers and he brewed all the beer for the wedding!
 Cookies and Milk Bar {baked by my mom, cake stands made by Lizzie/MOH}
Wood-burning done with Eden and I hand-stamped 100 cookie bags with stamps designed by my brother
 Ms for the back of the chairs made with Lizzie/MOH {yellow paint + lace attached with adhesive}
Seating chart made with pretty fabrics {and painted white by me!}
Flowers by Eden and pretty ring pillow by GiggleRoom made with vintage tea towel calender
Green burlap squares cut and sewn for the tables with wood stumps, cut/stained/painted/glued table numbers
and Menu Board made by me
Bunting for the cake topper made with my mom, photos of our grandparents
 Homemade pillows made with my mom and Lizzie/MOH
I’m hoping to share more of the DIY step by steps with you over the next couple weeks. Maybe taking back the Wedding Wednesday spot. I’ve missed those posts but I’m so happy I can share the photos from the wedding with you now! If you guys have any questions about anything you can always email me!
Something Old My late Paternal Grandma’s pearl ring, Michael Kors Perfume {worn on my first date with Matthew}
Something New The belt my mom and I made
Something Borrowed My late Maternal Grandma’s pearl necklace
Something Blue Garter from my bridesmaids
Brides&Wives: What were your Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue?

 Tomorrow: Formals

  • Mara! Come do my wedding! 🙂

  • I want to steal so many of your ideas! Everything looks so great.

  • Hi Mara! everyting is so pretty!!
    I love your dress, your shoes and HIS pair of socks.
    Did u have Ginger with u?

  • Ohmygosh…seriously so beautiful. All the special details are amazing. You are very creative.

  • It looks incredible, I'm so amazed you did all of this yourself!

    The cookies and milk bar with personalised bags is definitely one of my favourite touches!

  • your little details are gorgeous. it looks like it was so much fun to plan everything out!

  • LOVELY! Your wedding is every wedding photographers dream…. really!

  • Oh my goodness!! I love love love all the details in your wedding. And the style/theme is just so romantic and beautiful. So fun everyone got involved! Wow!! I've got a delicious recipe for shrimp gazpacho and a jewelry giveaway going on!

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • Such perfect details…you did such an incredible job! I especially love your seating chart and the cookie table 🙂 Beautiful!

  • i LOVE DYI weddings, it is sooo much more special that way! And all I know so far is that my something blue is going to be my future mother in law's aqua marine (a bit lighter than A.M. though) ring. i love when she wears it and it is such a gorgeous color! Bret recently asked me what my something old was going to be and I told him it was going to be old ratty underwear. He didnt even flinch or make a weird face adn finally I was like "DO YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD WEAR RATTY UNDERWEAR TO OUR WEDDING DAY?!?" haha

  • I just got married in April in Chicago. So much fun, but it went by so fast! Here were my items!
    Something Old: My late maternal grandmother's wedding band. My mom gave it to me at my bridal shower.
    Something New: My shoes, dress 🙂
    Something Borrowed: A bracelet that my best friend wore on her wedding day as well!
    Something Blue: I didn't have anything blue until about 2 minutes before my wedding. My friend Michelle, who is obsessed with weddings and the colors chocolate brown and blue, had her husband go into her plethora of blue ribbons to bring to me. He walked in about a minute before I walked down the aisle. The ribbon went into my bouquet. Fun times!

  • WOW i LOVE IT. I definitely will be pinning your stuff for inspiration for whenever my day comes.

  • Details are the most important part of a wedding or any party. 🙂 Love the cake and of course your shoes, and Matthew's socks! 🙂

  • You're right, definitely a blessing to have the time to do all that. It makes such a different!
    Something Old: A bracelet from my man from the first year that we were dating
    Something New: the little tiara I wore with my veil
    Something Borrowed: An ivory Bible that I carried with my bouquet that my Mother-in-law used when she got married
    Something blue: my garter…that I got at one of the lace factories when I visited England!

  • Your wedding was gorgeous! I love all the details and how pretty everything is!

    My something old: A hankie that my late maternal grandmother made years ago.
    My something new: My dress, shoes, veil, etc.
    My something borrowed: Earrings that my matron of honor wore at her wedding.
    My something blue: My garter, flowers, and all the details of the day. Our colors were blue and yellow. =)

  • Your DIY skills amaze me Lizzie!!!!

  • WOW! You & your helpers did an amazing job! I wish I had had more time to do more DIY projects for our wedding.

    My details were not very exciting:
    Old & borrowed: My mom gave me a penny to carry that she carried on her wedding day.
    New: Necklace & earrings, gift from my aunt.
    Blue: Turquoise ring that was a gift from the hubs.

  • Wow, your wedding was so beautiful! I love all the little details!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  • Seriously, your wedding details seem so perfect and dainty. I love every bit of them. I will definitely be adding a few of your photos to my pinterest pin board. 🙂

  • Oh Mara! I'm positively smitten with every photo and detail that you've shared – I'm SO happy to finally see bits and pieces from your amazing day! Everything looks absolutely beautiful – and you make one stunning bride! So so so happy for you two.


  • i love these pictures i love your art i am so happy about your happiness
    i wait yoy in my home ok?

  • Holy cow, this is amazing. I am so excited to finally see pictures from your wedding. This looks like it was straight out of a magazine. It turned out fabulous, Mara.

  • My husband and I got married about a month after the two of you. We kept getting that SAME comment on how personal the wedding was.

    It's so funny how it all worked out because my only goal at the wedding was to share our love with our friends and family!

    I guess it worked! 🙂

  • Mara, this whole series has been so sweet! I love the little pillow with your wedding date circled by a heart. It's making my heart melt a little. xo

  • too too too cool. love the use of so much wood, the fabrics, the bunting, matthew brewing his own beer (coolest). does he like chimay? he should. it's delish.

  • What beautiful details!!! My something borrowed was my sister's veil, my something blue was my garter, my something old was my maternal great grandmother's heart necklace that my sister also wore on her wedding day and my something new was my dress!

  • I've been reading for a while, and decided to comment 🙂 This is adorable, do-able and so personal! I love all of the little touches. There's just something about doing it yourself that makes it that much more enjoyable!
    And major props to you for letting someone else take the reigns that day!

  • CONGRATS on your wedding!! 🙂
    this was really a wedding of my dreams. some day i'll have a wonderful wedding like yours 🙂

    lots of love ♥, peppie

  • I love everything about this! (Especially your shoes)

    x Jasmine

  • Love all those personal details! They really make the wedding special. Love your wedding though! That is totally my kind of wedding. Love it!!!

  • I love all of it. ESPECIALLY the cake!

  • Wow I love it SO much!!! So lovely & beautiful! Love the M's on the back of your seats.. may have to have pale pink versions of M & W at our wedding!

    M x

  • Hi, just want to say your wedding photos inspired me a lot. I come from the other side of the world (Singapore). Really enjoy your blog and wish you all the best! Do post more of your outfits!

  • I love all of the DIY details! You guys did great!

  • Such beautiful, lovely, darling and dainty details…LOVE them all! So, so happy for you and thank you for sharing parts of your special day with us!

    Liesl 🙂

  • A

    Mara –

    I just got engaged last weekend and one of the first things I thought of was your sweet wedding and how I hope mine would be exactly like it. I had to come back here and tell you how perfect your day looks and how I hope to have the same exact DIY elements and feel to my big day.


  • i got married two weeks and two days after you on the 22nd! something old: diamond earrings from my parents. something borrowed: bracelet from my cousin. something new: ribbon for my dress. something blue: panties :). and a sixpence for my shoe (sandal)!

  • WAOU everything is so gorgeous

    Great blog 🙂

    Hope you will read my blog, and become a follower if you like it – SigneRahbek.blogspot.com

    Have a great day

  • Hi,

    Did you make or buy the seating chart? I'd love to do this for my wedding.

  • My goodness, this is a lovely wedding. And you and Matt are so good looking! Like models. 🙂

    I'm from The Proper Pinwheel and wanted you to know that I shared a few details of your amazeballs wedding!

    Absolutely smitten with you and your blog! (in a non-stalker way)

  • Oh my gosh, I am dying over here! You are the cutest thing ever! What a fabulous wedding and it really did feel homey and personal via pictures. I'm not even engaged and you've inspired me so much! xx, Allie

  • Hi, this is my first comment here, but I've been reading your posts already for a long time 😉 Your blog is fantastic, you're beautiful and have a passion, you're enjoying your life 🙂 I'd like to have in future such a wonderful wedding, as you had 🙂 Can you tell me, what kind of flowers were in your bouquet? I admire it 😉

  • Nice, cute, gorgeous!
    I am so inspired by your gorgeous pink shoes with a wedding dress!

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