our wedding: the dress and getting ready

September 12, 2011



dress Lazaro, shoes Badgley Mischka, belt homemade by my Mom, pearl necklace my Grandma’s that my mom wore on her wedding day too, hair clip Downtown LA, Matthew’s suit Theory, shirt Nordstrom, tie Burberry, socks Bloomingdales, belt and shoes Ted Baker
I’m so happy I was able to keep my dress a secret from Matthew. I had two truths and a lie: my dress was poufy and my dress was short and my dress wasn’t white. He couldn’t figure it out because they all sounded wrong. While I wasn’t ever interested in the poufy ballgown dress I pretty much fell in love with this one. After taking out a couple bottom layers of fluff it was perfect. Also, the color is considered “sherbet.” While it looks like a cream color, it definitely has a hint of yellow. I wanted a pretty belt to give it a little sparkle and my mom actually made this one for me. I had the idea and she made it happen! Love my Mommy so much. She’s amazing!
I am lucky to have a husband who has such great style {haha he made me say that!}. But really, Matthew went out and found his suit, tie and shoes all by himself. The only thing I made him take back were the socks. He had these yellow and brown striped ones that didn’t look so good {think monkey socks}. But one trip to Bloomies and I found the perfect pair! I think it totally tied the look together.
So in all honesty, getting ready was definitely not my favorite part of the day. You know how they say something always goes wrong. Well something did go wrong. A BIG thing went wrong. You see I had this friend who I’ve known since I was 16. She kindly offered to do my hair and makeup months before the wedding, but long story short she flaked the morning of my wedding. She said she couldn’t get a ride and when my best friend suggested a cab or a subway {one goes right by her house and mine} she said no. By the way, the friend didn’t even show up to the wedding. Can you believe that?!  I was thinking she’d at least find a ride for the ceremony 6 hours later. Honestly, sometimes you need these situations to realize who your real friends are. Luckily my amazing bridesmaids got me into Dry Bar and they did my hair and I did my own makeup. I am by no means a makeup girl. As you know from my outfit posts, I rarely even put any on! I don’t know how! But knowing that natural is best I thought I could definitely do it. My advice for future brides: no matter how confident you are in your makeup abilities..don’t do it! Your morning will be chaotic and crazy with nerves and stress and the last thing you want to worry about it finishing your makeup so you can make it to the church on time. Yes, that happened. Also, spilled eyeshadow powder all over my best friend’s carpet. Yikes! Nevertheless, everything worked out and walking down the aisle towards Matthew my mind was focused totally on him. The way it should be 🙂
Tomorrow: the ceremony!