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October 10, 2016


New Mom Essentials - M Loves M

It’s hard to believe I’m over a month into motherhood. The days may be long, but boy are the weeks short! I thought it might be good to share some of the items I’ve really relied on over the past several weeks. Your body goes through a lot after labor and I’m so grateful to have found some products that made the transition a little easier.

M Loves M new mom must-haves


New Chapter Postnatal Vitamins– I took the prenatals and since I loved them so much I transitioned into taking the postnatal vitamins. They contain a lot of great ingredients that help with breastfeeding and I haven’t had any problems there, so maybe that could be a reason!

Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray– If you have a vaginal birth there’s a lot of bleeding and pain for the weeks after delivery. The glamorous things no one tells you about! This spray was so refreshing and helpful during those early weeks.

Comfortable Underwear– You need it! I had to go get some new pairs and found these that I loved.

Lil’ Buds Breast Comfort Packs– These are environmentally friendly comfort packs that help with breastfeeding pains. You can heat them up or cool them down and they fit comfortably into your bra.

Lactation Classes– I loved taking Lindsey’s online classes at Lactation Link. I got the 3 video bundle and it covered everything I needed to know about breastfeeding. I actually watched them all before Augustine arrived and they gave me a little extra confidence. People say breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world but it doesn’t comes naturally. It’s so true! Since having Augustine I’ve been able to rewatch the videos when I need a refresher on certain topics. If you’re interested in the classes you can get $10 off with promo code mara10.

Lactation Cookies- Ok, who knows if these actually work but who cares, they’re delicious! Every night, during our first month with Augustine, Matthew and I would make these lactation cookies and watch The Mindy Project. Tip: freeze the dough in balls before you go into labor! It makes it incredibly easy to cook them on demand! Maybe too easy…

Tubby Todd Nursing Salve– Love this natural salve that helps with cracked and dry nipples. Breastfeeding is no joke people!

Madela Breast Pump- I got the Madela Freestyle and I really like it! It’s a double electric pump with a rechargeable battery. I also have the Harmony manual pump that I’m planning on keeping in my diaper bag just in case.

Glow Baby App– I love this app! I use it multiple times a day to track all aspects of Augustine’s care: from breastfeeding, to diaper changes, sleep schedules, developmental milestones, and growth charts. It’s especially helpful in the early weeks when you want to make sure you know your baby is having a certain amount of wet and dirty diapers a day.

Postpartum Support Band– I got this after the recommendation of some of my mom friends. I like that the belt provides abdominal and pelvic support. It also helped when I hurt my back and needed some extra comfort and stability.

Cake Nursing Cami– I love this cami! I wear it around the house and then when going out I’ll throw a light sweater on top.

Covered Goods Nursing Cover– I love this pretty nursing cover! It’s really functional, too, and can be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and even a scarf!

Bravado Nursing Bras– These fit really well and are flattering! They don’t look like nursing bras when you first see them.

Sakura Bloom Baby Sling– This sling makes my life soo much easier! It’s so easy to put Augustine inside and walk around and get things done. It also soothes him during his fussy nighttime period. If any of you have advice during the witching hour let me know!

Cozy Loungewear- I lived in these Storq leggings after I had Augustine. They were so comfortable and hugged in my belly for some extra support. I also loved this pretty robe from Plum Pretty Sugar that helped me feel a little more put together during the days where brushing my hair and washing my face weren’t even a possibility!

Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes- I miss being able to wear dresses but this one from Loyal Hana is amazing because it has hidden zippers for breastfeeding. These shirts from boob are other favorites!

Diaper Bag– I love this one in particular because it’s so stylish and doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

The most important thing I couldn’t do without though is the help! Matthew has such an incredible partner through this new chapter of life. When I hurt my back last week he was so thoughtful, waking up multiple times throughout the night to bring Augustine to me and put him back down. It allowed my back the break it needed to recover. My mom has also been great in stopping by and helping out. It’s nice to have an extra set of hands around to rock, change, and soothe the little guy!

If you know anyone that just had a baby I think the best things you can do are go over to help hold the baby and allow them the chance to sleep. And make sure they sleep! It’s so easy to feel pressured to entertain when people come over to see the baby but if you can take a nap while they hold the baby that would be ideal! As long as you trust them, of course, which I’m sure you do if you’re inviting them into your home in the early weeks! Also, bringing some homemade food that’s easy to reheat would be so thoughtful for new parents. And maybe after a few months a gift card for a manicure wouldn’t hurt!

I’d love to know what any of you mamas relied on during the first few months! What were your new mom essentials?


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  • Definitely saving this for later 😉 And sharing with my friends who are new mamas!

  • Jessica Anderson

    Great blog post! Thanks for sharing. I definitely saved some of the items for the near future.

  • MissLilly

    Yes hard to believe it’s been a month! For me one essential has been the nursing pillow. Especially with the c section I have to protect my belly, so having the pillow helped loads. The other nice one was the medela collectors, which collect milk that naturally falls when I’m nursing. Finally lots of cookies and bottles ot water as breastfeeding makes you really thirsty. My little one doesn’t sleep which means I need happy calories to keep me going at night (so hard to stay awake)! And as you’ve said, ask for help. The first weeks (months?) are really hard. I feel I lm a baby slave. I don’t have time to cook meals (unless I can bear the heart breaking cry from baby which I can’t for long) or to take a long shower. I had friends staying overnight so I could sleep and I can’t thank them enough! Any tips for babies with colic and reflux?

    • oh I haven’t gotten the madela collectors! I should look into that because so much is wasted that way!

      I hope things are going better for you! I feel like Augustine has some reflux which is soo sad!! I just try to rock him and be as comforting as I can. Someone told me about a Baby Shusher which is supposed to be great but I haven’t tried it:

      Wishing you lots of luck!! It’s so sad and heartbreaking when they cry 🙁

      • MissLilly

        The baby shusher sounds interesting! For the moment she falls asleep upright in my arms but need to start letting her sleep on her own, once reflux improves.

  • He’s so gorgeous Mara!

    Xx Taylor

  • Jennifer

    Hey Mara!
    We’re launching an amazing pregnancy and parenting app in a few weeks and would be thrilled if you wanted to try it out before anyone else. Can I contact you in any way? Perhaps your email? My email is if you want to contact me!

    Lots of love // Jen

    • Hi Jen! Sure feel free to email me at hello (@)

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