10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

April 11, 2017


a casual outfit with white jeans - M Loves M @marmar

I thought in today’s post it would be fun to share 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me.

But first on the outfit:

You guys, these mules! I’m in love! Perfect dusty rose color in a super soft suede, the best height and super duper comfortable. I’m going to be wearing these a bunch!! I paired them with an all white outfit but added this taupe/gray bomber jacket and a striped tote bag that pulled in the pink from the shoes perfectly. This is such an easy spring outfit and even though it’s relatively casual, I felt so put together when I wore it. I guess anything other than my normal tee and sweats mom at home outfit makes me feel put together. I love all white outfits though, especially this time of year!

a white and gray spring outfit white off the shoulder top with pink tortoise sunglasses white jeans with pink suede mule sandals white outfit with gray bomber jacket and striped tote bag white outfit for spring 2017 love love love this striped kate spade tote bag love this gray bomber paired with the white top pink tortoise sunglasses for spring all white outfit for spring with a striped tote bag and pink mules all white outfit inspiration: white off the shoulder top with white distressed jeans the prettiest pink tortoise sunglasses

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I’m a Pescaterian- That means I eat fish, dairy, veggies but no meat. I’m not a picky eater, minus the meat thing, so I say I eat everything but meat.
  2. I’m scared of heights- When I was in school/camp and they’d do field trips to amusement parks I would dread it. I’d try to find a way to stay home because I hated being the scardy cat avoiding the rides. There were a few times where I even got to the front of the line and chickened out.
  3. I have a massive love for chocolate chip cookies {I think you all know this!}. I love chocolate chip cookies for dessert, but I’ll always make an extra one for me for breakfast because they’re soo good with coffee!
  4. I planned to go to law school. I was working full-time for a law firm, and studying for the LSAT when I realized this didn’t feel 100% me.
  5. I have a younger brother named Anthony. He’s one of the kindest people I know and we’ve always got along so well. He’s also single if any of you are interested wink wink 😉
  6. I’m obsessed with musicals. Give me all the show tunes! My best friend is equally obsessed and so Matthew gets lots of performances whenever she’s over. Nothing will beat our New Years Eve show of 2010!
  7. I can wiggle my ears. I figured out how to do this trick in high school and it’s incredibly easy. I’m convinced everyone can do it but just doesn’t know how!
  8. I love my fries with mustard! Ketchup is great too but mustard is where it’s at!
  9. I’m obsessed with crime dramas and murder mysteries. They’re so interesting and fascinating to me. Matthew thinks I have a morbid curiosity but I just like knowing all the facts!
  10. I love love love surprises! I joked with Matthew that if his proposal wasn’t a surprise, I’d say no. I was totally kidding but I just really wanted to be taken off guard. (By the way, it was a HUGE surprise- read his story and mine!) Also, Augustine’s sex was a surprise until his birth, and that was really the best surprise of all. We would have been happy with a boy or a girl. We just wanted the baby to be healthy. It was an incredible moment after labor when we saw that he was a boy! If you haven’t read Augustine’s birth story, it’s one of my favorite posts!

Now, tell me something about you! You can always share the basics: where were you born and where do you live?

Thanks so much for reading everyone!


jacket . top . jeans . shoes {come in other great colors too!} . tote . sunglasses . cuff bracelet . link bracelet . lipgloss in Wind .

photos by Valorie Darling

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