the proposal story

September 21, 2010


dress Forever 21, sweater Madewell, shoes Aldo, clutch BR, necklace Elephantine

So on Friday Septempber 17th {aka proposal day} Matthew and I had the perfect day. We drove into Berkeley first and went shopping and ate at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. Then we drove into the city where I stopped by my old workplace and caught up with my favorite boss! That night Matthew and I were supposed to go on a double date with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend. We were leaving the hotel and his friend called to say that they were caught in some traffic and would be a little late. Matthew said, “No worries. That’s totally fine. We’re just leaving now too.” I saw him hang up with his friend so I knew it was a real conversation. {I really wasn’t expecting Matthew to propose during this trip but I was just being aware haha} So we drive to the Fillmore where the restaurant is and find a parking spot next to the adjacent Alta Park. We decide to take some outfit shots since the couple is about 15 minutes behind. It’s so cold but the view of the city is just beautiful. In the middle of our little photo sesh Matthew asks me to check and see why the camera isn’t taking the picture. {This isn’t that strange since sometimes the button won’t depress if not enough light is let in}. I walk over and am looking at the camera and Matthew starts to say how much he loves me and how he wants to spend the rest of my life with him. I was thinking this is so sweet but there is no way he’s proposing. It wasn’t until he got down on his knee and reached into his coat pocket that I was like, “What?! Oh my gosh! Are you serious?” I was sooo surprised and a little in shock. It didn’t really hit me until Matthew asked two ladies walking by to take our picture. Then the tears started coming! I asked him, “Did you ask my parents? Did you ask Lizzie?” and then “Are we still going on a double date?,” which he responded to with a “No of course not!” I was so excited and happy and it was such a wonderful rush of emotions! There was a “Yes, of course!” mixed in somewhere as well! I called my mom, brother, best friend, and dad immediately who were all thrilled! It was so great that it happened in the city where we met and fell in love. San Francisco will always hold a special place in our hearts..even more so now!

holding back tears!

I’m trying to get Matthew to share his side of the proposal story tomorrow {since some of the facts are a little different in his mind} so stay tuned!

P.S. You can read Matthew’s story of the proposal here!