The One Skincare Product Every Busy Woman Needs + GIVEAWAY

July 21, 2017


The One Skincare Product Every Busy Woman Needs- M Loves M @marmar

To say I don’t have much time to get ready in the mornings is an understatement! I try to plan it around Augustine’s first nap because that boy just wakes up way too early for my liking! I always wash my face in the mornings and at night because it just feels like the best way to start and end a day. Nothing like clean skin! I love trying new beauty products, especially from brands I’m already crazy about! I’ve talked before about my major love for Vichy, and they just came out with their newest product Mineral 89. You guys, it’s good! So good!! I’m telling you why it’s the one skincare product every busy woman needs, plus I’m going to give some away to you too!

featuring the mineral 89 moisturizer by Vichy in today's blog post - M Loves M @marmar featuring a giveaway on today's blog post- M Loves M @marmar

So first off, Vichy! They have French roots and have been around for over 85 years. You can read the story about how and when I fell in love with them here!}. Vichy is known for using their Mineralizing Thermal Water in every product. The Thermal Water is sourced directly from French volcanoes and it’s infused with 15 rare minerals. It’s proven to fortify your skin and give it tons of natural antioxidants. Basically, super nutritious for your skin!

The One Skincare Product Every Busy Woman Needs

Mineral 89 is Vichy’s newest product and it’s formulated with 89% Mineralizing Thermal Water (more than any other product!), as well as Hyaluronic Acid. It has a gel-like/water consistency but you can use it as a moisturizer. It helps make your skin resistant to visible aging caused by pollution, stress, and fatigue, which is a huge benefit. The changes I noticed immediately were that my skin felt so hydrated and I get this perfect glow! It really is the one skincare product every busy woman needs because it has all the benefits of a serum + moisturizer. If I can’t do my full routine, I know I’m set with just this one.

check out the one skincare product I use when I'm in a rush - M Loves M @marmar I love how smooth and easy this Vichy product is the one skincare product every busy woman needs now up on M Loves M

Other favorites from Vichy, in case you’re interested, is any serum {just ran out of this one and need more!}, their Mineralizing Thermal Water spray (so great to use throughout the day!), and this Double Glow Peel Mask. Everything I’ve tried I’ve really loved!


Because I know you all would love Mineral 89 I’m giving away TWO! All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll enter you to win. If you’re currently subscribed, you’re all good! Hooray for a fun (and easy!) giveaway! Additionally, you can head to Vichy’s website: and get 20% off and free shipping with promo code MARA! Just wanted to thank you all for following along and always being so sweet!



DISCLOSURE: Thanks so much to Vichy for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thank you so so much for supporting my sponsors. I feel so lucky to work with brands that I use and love! And I hope you love them too!

photos by Kimber Brown

  • Shantall Melody Franco

    Sounds like a great product 😊. I love your robe, where is it from? The print is so pretty

    • Hi Shantall! The product is pretty great, I would try it if you ever get the chance. My robe is from Pretty Plum Sugar 🙂


      • Shantall Melody Franco

        Ok, thank you 😊

  • dramaqueensmum

    Great giveaway. I’ve never tried any Vichy products.

    • I soo recommend! This product has been a life-saver, enter the giveaway and maybe you can try it for free! 😉


  • htebazileidoj

    I’ve been wanting to try that serum for awhile – I’ve heard such great things! What color nail polish are you wearing? I love it!

  • What a great giveaway! I like Vichy products, but I’ve never tried this one before!
    Love your bathroom mirror Mara, it’s so cute!


    • Aw thanks so much Krystal! This product is AMAZING, I recommend 🙂

  • Michelle Joseph

    Ooh the French really know how to take care of their skin! This sounds like a great product.
    Subscribed 😀

    Mich x

    • they really do!! I always love the french skincare brands I’ve tried!

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  • Elisabeth M

    You’ve had a couple of great posts on amazing skin care products. I’d love to know more about your regular routine and how you integrate all of these amazing products into your normal routine! I get so overwhelmed by the choices that I usually get overwhelmed figuring out where to begin.


    • Hi Elisabeth! Ah totally! I will definitely do a whole routine on my skincare regimen and what I do every morning and every night. That’s a great idea! I cleanse, and then put on CE Ferulic, follow with the Vichy 89, and then eye cream, and then a sunscreen. Lately I’ve been loving the Kate Somerville SPF Face Lotion. Will work on this post asap but let me know if you have any other questions! Also feel free to email me!


      • Elisabeth M

        Thank you! I have a few SkinCeuticals serums that I’ve been using, but would love to find a way to mix and match with some things that are more affordable.

        Good luck with the move! We just moved in December with our 3 year old. It was bittersweet, but I’m so glad we did it. Even though the logistics of moving with a baby are harder, it feels easier getting them settled into a new routine now than it will be in a few years.

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