A Blush Pink Maxi Dress

March 14, 2018


feminine spring dress on M Loves M @marmar

I definitely feel like I’ve been on a dress kick lately! Speaking of, did you see Monday’s post? It went up a little later than normal but I just adore those two dresses for spring! I love dresses though because they are such easy outfits and they satisfy my girly heart! When I’m just hanging around the house, I’m in an outfit much like this one, but when we go out, I’m always reaching for something a little more feminine. This blush pink maxi dress would be so pretty for a spring party or even for Easter! Gosh can you believe that holiday is right around the corner?! I love the little slits on the sleeves. The one thing I was hoping for was a little side slit down by the legs, so just keep that in mind if you end up getting it. I didn’t find it to be a problem but I remember thinking it had one for some reason. This could even be a great alternative bridesmaid dress! I remember looking like a dress like this for my girls! But didn’t they all look so perfect?!

love this spring maxi dress with waist tie a flowy pink maxi dress from charles henry on M Loves M Mara Ferreira love this pretty pink maxi dress for spring spring outfit inspiration from Los Angeles fashion blogger M Loves M @marmar nude scalloped heels from loeffler randall ruffled sleeves on pretty pink dress - feminine fashion blogger M Loves M @marmar pink suede circle bag with tassels from the wolf gang blush pink maxi dress with suede bag

Isn’t this bag so fun?! I love the circle style and the pretty neutral suede. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it a ton the next two seasons. It will go with so many outfits, and I like that I can take the tassel off if I want.

blush pink dress with suede circle bag from the wolf gang


dress . shoes in the wedge style & city sandal {& in black} . bag {comes in 2 other colors too!} . earrings . necklacebracelet . ring . lipstick in The Brides {loving this shade right now!}.

This week has been such an adjustment with the time change. Augustine woke up multiple times in the middle of the night, after going to bed much later than normal. I think we’re getting back on track though, thank goodness! I’m really looking forward to being more settled. Sleep is so crucial and I feel like I function very poorly when I get less hours. One of the things I wanted to focus on for Lent this season was to prioritize health and sleep is always number 1 for me. I put sleep above a lot of other things, but unfortunately, I still don’t get as many hours as I feel my body requires. I remember someone once told me that becoming a mom turned them into a morning person, and that has not happened to me! I can stay up late no problem, but anything earlier than 8am just feels too early for me. And usually, it’s 5am! Yikes!

I hope you all are having a great week and getting more sleep than I am!


photos by Priscilla Frey

  • Natali

    You are looking so elegant and like a Springtime goddess in this dress! 🙂


  • Sandra Manley

    I agree with Natali, this look is 100% elegance. You rock blush so well, Mara! Great look!

  • Evangelina Becerra

    I love this dress! However the link to it isn’t working for me 😭

  • Sprinkle ofSurprise

    Such a pretty color and dress!! XOX

  • Tali

    Love the dress on you Mara! And I completely agree sleep is crucial!!!

  • Rach

    This dress is sooo pretty. Love the color! I’m excited for dress season and I KNOW i will love every dress you share!


  • Mia Henley

    Hi Mara! I love that color and dress on you! And that bag is amazing… Sadly, the link to the dress is broken (at least it didn’t work for me). Can you tell me what brand it is from?

    • Mara

      oh that is so weird! Thanks for letting me know Mia! Here it is: http://bit.ly/2pdlRr5 Let me know if that doesn’t work but it should!

    • thanks for letting me know Mia! It wasn’t working yesterday for some weird reason! Here it is though: http://bit.ly/2DuKrrV

  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    I love that dress! It’s gorgeous!


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