August 19, 2009


LDR…as in long distance relationship. Is it worth it? Well I think it depends. People are always asking how Matthew and I do it and it’s definitely hard but we’re luckier than some other LDR couples. For one we have a two week rule. Either I go up or he comes down for a weekend every two weeks (preferably less). Sometimes we can work our schedules to our benefit. Like when he worked in the LA office for a week. It was so nice to see each other every day for 9 days. But it’s definitely a sacrifice.

Sure, I wish we were in the same city. But I’m looking forward to the fact that it will happen sooner rather than later. Our LDR situation is only temporary, and so right now I can handle it. If you love a person enough then you deal with what you have to. I know a lot of people who have been in long distance relationships and it hasn’t worked. And it really depends on a lot of factors: whether both people are willing to sacrifice the time and put in the effort. It’s hard and it definitely sucks at times but if it’s the only option for right now of course I’ll deal with it. I try and make it easier. We talk a lot- gchat and text throughout the day and a longer conversation at night. So while we may not see each other on a daily basis we still feel like we are in each other’s lives. But, yes, I am so ready to be in the same city as him. There’s a puppy in it for me too (he promised!)

aw look at that face! (Matthew’s too!)
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