those stupid butterflies

August 26, 2009


I hate how sometimes my nerves get the best of me. I had a job interview today for an internship that I really really want (I don’t want to jinx it with the details). I’m just hoping that I came across the right way. Sometimes when I get nervous I talk too much..or too fast. It’s hard though and I just hope it will get easier with time and more interviewing experiences. I was seriously sitting in the office, literally feeling my heart beat like crazy, and telling myself to take deep breaths and count to three. I just need to not overthink it, and be confident in myself. So, we’ll see. Matthew was trying to calm me down and give me an extra confidence boost beforehand. It was a sweet effort and I’ll admit it did help a little bit (which says a lot). It reminded me of how nervous I was on my first date with Matthew. And now I don’t get nervous at all (just excited). But I was so nervous on our coffee date. I couldn’t sit still, I kept re-evaluating my outfit. It was hectic but worth it. And it all worked out. So hopefully this interview will also!