looking forward

October 13, 2009


(Matthew’s last day)
For me, I’m pretty nostalgic. Especially when it comes to leaving something behind. I transferred from UW to Berkeley and that was a hard adjustment. I left a place I had grown so comfortable with, to a place where I knew no one. On Matthew’s last day at work they decorated his office and gave him all these boxes of cereal (because apparently he eats a lot of it at work). Even though I’d be excited about the new job it would be hard for me right away. Not for Matthew. He’s ecstatic about his team in Santa Monica. He walked in and what does he see? A weenie dog calendar and then a real miniature weenie in his office. Could this job be more perfect for him? And the commute isn’t as bad as he thought! I guess it’s hard to be nostalgic when there are a lot of exciting things ahead. Tonight we are going to make dinner. Not sure what but I’ll be sure to post the recipe 🙂
P.S. Loving or hating this rainy weather?