One Windy Day

October 28, 2009


Here’s the other funny photobooth strip Matthew and I took last weekend in SD. It’s a little silly and unplanned but I still like it. Although it did give me some strange eye makeup. Normally we have to plan the shots all out or else it’s just me spazzing and being like, “Wait what are we doing again??” FLASH and then Repeat. {See I need a plan for more than just my career}
The wind in LA yesterday was absolutely insane. I left work and the sky was gray and dark. There was dirt in the air and tree branches all over the road. It was almost like out of a scary movie. And then I go to my car and it was filthy on the inside because I cracked the windows in the morning {expecting a hot day}. Sigh what can you do?
Hanna and I had a lovely dinner last night and catched up about the shenanigans at her birthday party. We shared our favorite salad (Factory Chopped minus bacon and chicken) and sat there for about two hours. I don’t think the waitress was too happy but it was a slow night down at the good ol’ Cheesecake Factory. I miss having girl time now that I’m not in college! It’s just different not seing your besties every day. But it makes nights and dinners like these so worth it!
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