super trooper

October 20, 2009


Fixed this boy of mine a late night dinner.
He’s been working so much. Think 12 hours days.
For me, impossible. But, he likes it.
I don’t know how he does it, though.
He moved to LA from SF in less than a week.
Started a new job.
Commutes 45 min to an hour twice a day.
And he puts up with me!
(while not complaining one bit)
Such a trooper!
We’re going to San Diego this weekend for his nephew’s first birthday!
It’s a little getaway to look forward to!
I’m also thinking about taking Friday off because I need a personal day. 
I’ve just been so exhausted recently.
All I want is a day to sleep in, chill, and watch TV.
Lazy, I know. But I need it!
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